Microjigit gathering

This Saturday morning, I was joined by three like-minded people from the Nizhny Novgorod microjig club. Champions of the region and city, and just experienced fishermen: Mikhail, Andrey and Dmitry. I have long dreamed of such fishing. Unity with nature is certainly great, but man is a social animal. And craving for communication can sometimes not be replaced by either bursts of birds or the singing of fish.

Fishing as luck would not have asked. Just yesterday, the day before yesterday, perches pecked at each cast, and today you have to torture. There was no perch under the shore. All went to a distant place, into small holes. I’ll say in advance that for everything in the morning we caught the same amount together as I did yesterday in a couple of hours. Our champion Dima succeeded in extorting. He caught and more than anyone and the largest. However, there was a curious incident, hinting that not all the fish were in a coma. Andrei and Misha were almost simultaneously thrown to the same point, where they found such a hungry perch that they grabbed both baits in the fall. And on the beach, perches were more active and larger. But not everyone was able to get on viscous liquid sand. Now the beach area is being improved and bulldozers have significantly spoiled the coast. I was ready for this and prudently put on my boots, but what was the point of fighting off the company?

And I have long had such an observation: if a pike hunts, then the perch almost ceases to peck. Yes, from the pike point some stray okoshka, or a string from a perch boiler, can get caught. But I didn’t see the prey between them. And today, the squint, which usually stand near the shore and wait for their chance, was unlike aggressive. Yes, and perches were caught strongly bitten. Apparently someone showed them who is in charge here :]


Amanda K. Benson

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