Mercury 5 and boat Aqua 2800. Speed ​​test.


Finally, the time has come to look at what the PVC boat AQUA 2800 with a slate and the boat motor MERCURY 5 M is capable of.

I have long wanted to conduct this test, but either the weather conditions did not fit, the time did not allow, and sometimes I didn’t even have the strength to do it after fishing.

The test without slides showed a speed of up to 22 km / h. when the boat is loaded with a fisherman and inventory up to 100 kg.

The speed at full load with a 5 strong engine, and this is 2 fishermen, fuel in the external tank and inventory of about 200 kg in total shows no more than 9 km / h, the boat will not go far on clock cycles, so it is most suitable for single fishing. In two, slowly and closely. But the biggest advantage of this boat is not the lengthy assembly / disassembly process and its weight.

And now to the fun part. With the slate, the speed increased to 30 km / h, while the boat is well controlled and allows you to make a U-turn at a speed of 20 km / h. The average travel speed will be about 27-28 km / h, which is not even a bad thing. You can go solo with other boats equipped with a 9.9 engine and practically keep up with them.

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