Meeting with fanged or catching zander in the heat!

The penultimate week of July in the Leningrad Region was unusually warm, the sun was warming through Lake Ladoga, and along with the rising water temperature, the perch activity also increased. We caught fanged fish much less often than pike, but, remembering last year’s success, we didn’t think for a long time – we rushed off to go fishing! Alexander, being in the status of a vacationer, arrived at the place on Thursday morning and by the afternoon began to send me photos of the first fishes, thereby taking my thoughts away from work. The last drop of my patience was a photo of a ptoper of a half pound perch along with the companion's contented face.

On Friday, I’ve been breaking from work earlier than usual and on full steam rush to meet a friend and a pike perch. I find Alexander at dinner in the shadow of a parked car, but what can I do? The thermometer passed over 30 !!!

As quickly as possible we are going, jumping into the boat and starting to cool places. My friend, without thinking, gives me the cherished bait and assures me that the bites will not keep you waiting. So it is, on the first cast I catch a perch, and even some! Striped pulled 500 grams! Great start!

Sanya catches several Sudak in a row, but they all immediately go overboard due to their dimensional "insolvency". We move further, and in one of the performances, at first, a friend catches a test fangcast, and behind him, and I differ about the same fish. Evening definitely failed! We go to the base to have dinner and meet good friends, who also came to take a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy the voiced bites, albeit not large, but perch!

Saturday morning starts very early. At 4.00 we are already in place and fully armed, but pike is silent. Moving, changing productions – nothing. The activity is manifested only by 6.00, and the first sudachas delight with voiced bites, and at 8.00 in the morning it is as if someone turns on a switch, the pike perches bite on each cast, but the size leaves much to be desired. Where are last year's "mammoths"? The game with the size of baits does not bring any result and affects only the number of bites, but not the size of the fish.

There is little hope that the trophy perch will manifest itself at night. Therefore, we make a decision to go to the base, swim, have lunch and sleep for a few hours.

We go out to water at six in the evening, and on the second setting from the depth of 11 meters I get the first bite, and I realize for serious resistance that the fish is decent. Fanged monsters caught by Sanya last year immediately come to mind, but hopes of seeing the pike perch collapse at the very moment when the fish rises abruptly and goes out for a candle! Pike 2.5 …

After a while, the treasured pit still brings us several pike-perch, but this is not the fish we went for.

Gradually we move to Ladoga to the places of the morning battles. The pike perch continues to rage and comes across with enviable constancy. The sonorous strokes on each wiring allow you to enjoy not even large fish. Toward midnight, the activity gradually subsides and until one in the morning we still cannot catch a single fish.

We go to the shore and sleep a few hours. Sleeping in an inflatable boat is not a simple process, the body is clearly not happy with such tests. We wake up at 4 am, make tea, have a little breakfast. And once again we rush to find fanged!

At first, the fish does not show any activity, apparently the “thorns” have not yet woken up and are not yet ready for breakfast. But by 6.00 the switch is turned on again! Sudak continue to visit the boat with an enviable constancy, and only a few of them linger on a photo session. By 10 o'clock we get up to the next point and at some point, almost simultaneously with the Sled, we begin to catch perch. Size chic, striped from 300 to 600 grams. for an hour please us with their bites. Great reward for a hard night!

On this optimistic note, we end up fishing, because we still have a long road ahead and painful Sunday traffic jams, which, as experience shows, it is better to get over sleep!


During this departure, the clear favorites for the lures were small vibrotails in dark colors. Especially well proved tires Sprut Midori 70 in color MOGRS and ORS. It was this bait that caught 90% of all fish. But the biggest fanged tempted on the Sprut Nukki 90 in color MOGRS.


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