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MicroJig (MJ) is gaining momentum with each passing year, this type of fishing also did not bypass me, this is what the discussion in this article will go on.

The first acquaintance with spinning with a dough of less than 7-28 grams (utsovka) happened back in 2015, but something went wrong, the catch didn’t go down and everything was forgotten safely. In the spring of 2018, already consciously, I was again puzzled by the choice of a light kit. It became extremely interesting to me, but is it true in each puddle, you can catch fish, and not only a predator …. The market is extremely rich in offers in this segment. Having monitored the Internet, vidos, surveys of acquaintances, I stopped to look at the company Kemerovo Fisherman (now OLTA). Short negotiations, a week of waiting and my first UL kit are already on the table for a photo shoot:

Fishing rod NAVAHO 2.13m, 0.5-5.5g. I stopped on this model, I didn’t specifically take the long one to grow, so that I could easily climb the bushes on small rivers. The weight of the stick is 95 grams, the coil is PANDA 1000F, such a little one weighs 190 grams, which together gives an easy set. By the way, the handle screwed onto the drive shaft is another nice bonus, you can forget about backlash. Also, the coil is equipped with a spare aluminum spool type "Match"

Well, and a bonus of three packs of silicone, tat also picked up hooks with a big ear (so that the hook in the loop of collapsible cheburashka moved freely) and the actual set of cheburashek from gram to four.

The kit received on May 17, and already 19 went to the home pond in search of adventure, simultaneously winding the # 0.4 cord onto the spool spool. I did not see the fish that day, I froze my hands and the form of the rod from half an hour. +4 degrees, wind gusts up to 22 m / s – this is Siberia baby. In this weather is not comfortable fishing.

I managed to meet the fish on May 26, on Lake Bobrovskoye in the Suzunsky region. There I mastered fishing from a boat, local representatives, not large pike and perch willingly ate the provided silicone. The only thing a lot of bitten tails, as fishing without a leash.

Sometimes there were very plump striped specimens; hauling out such handsome men on a stick up to five grams is impressive.

The next stop, the Orda River, 100 km from the city, also jumped into the Irmen River. I managed to catch a few perch and small pike that suffered from "electricians", from those fishing days I fell in love with purple silicone, which by the way is my favorite to this day-)

But the next exit to the home pond brought a chic surprise, I want to tell about it in more detail.

So, let's start, arrived at the reservoir on June 14, 2018 at 15-07, gave the security guard 150 r and I'm already behind the fence. There is a paid beach. And you can go fishing for free on the other hand, if you don’t fall off the cliffs … Actually, I’m starting to bombard with different rubber, from the first postings I eat small bites – a classic, in work a cheburashka 2 grams + different tires up to 5 cm. I move along different points By the way, there are not so many of them, there are three places in the work that give bites and pipisni-))) Just a bunch of hooks ….. But then I’m alone. It starts a nasty rain, and it seems like you need to finish, but something prompts …. Vanya stay, put on a proven bait and throw under that bush. Already blotted through, I continue shelling that bush … and BAM, … a pleasant weight … a gnome for 150 grams in my hand. Well, this is a different conversation, such a thing can be crammed into a package))) The rain has stopped, and the wind has already dried out. Time is 18-00, I got another one, which has a place in the package. When I was wandering along the coast, I was drawn straight into one place, but a bunch of bushes … and a stump in the middle were scared away.

Nevertheless, I decide to break a little shrub, climbed this stump and with the first posting I lift a handsome man by 350 grams, so how do I lift it? yes, practically with a crane, simultaneously jumping from stump to shore through bushes …. in short, I thought I would break a stick, but she managed. It is good that my plyatsya is not thin.

At the next posting, hit, secuit ….. so stop, this is not a perch ….. oh well – karrras .. my first crucian on Ullight … park it gently near the stump, the bait is completely in your mouth … .PHOTOSESSION. Three hundred grams by the way-)) I decide a couple of casts and go home. Drenched and frozen is final, and the time is already a quarter to eight.

As I like to say – "I show it once", I send the bait into the water, the bottom … the turn … the throw … BAMAAH, spinning in an arc, the friction for unwinding, someone fat does not want to go to me, around bushes …… I try not to let him into the jungle …. stick on a fracture …. my heart will jump out now ……. I gently pull up and pick it up – a thick, round carcassischu. I didn’t catch such people with a bait, but here I’d got a stick up to 5 grams. Well, now that's for sure, the scales at home showed 950 grams, this is my first record for delicate tackle and the whole catch for this evening.

Further standard fishing, with no problems was perch. I became comfortable for me – 2.5 grams with a hook # 10 with a favorite of this season – violet silicone. The exception was the sorogue, which was also tempted by the MJ, and not by the Mormon, as usual, it was accepted))

One day, I decided to master the mormykh with artificial oparik, I wound a monka 0.121 on the second spool (at that time it seemed to me just right), in fact it is rather thick, but finding a normal thin monk in unwinding 100 meters is still a task … I read reviews that the panda drops loops on the fishing line with a section of 0.14+, but I have not had such problems, the winding is flat, no loops are noticed.

On that day, the piggy bank of caught fish was expanded – with a minnow, as well as perch and sorghum by-catch, already in large quantities)) What was surprising, I caught some fish specimens as a "unwiped paper".

The minimum that I used from the mormyskas is a tulk of 0.32 grams, but still the stick is revealed when working with weights from one and a half grams.

Also replenishment in the piggy bank of caught fish on the ST, became Ruff-))

Having spent the 2018 season with this kit, almost all the representatives of our Siberian ichthyofauna were caught, except for the lin-) And so, the perch, ruff, pike, pike perch, ide, poldeschik, gudgeon, crucian carp.

Stick repeatedly participated in various fishing festivals, as in 2018, and that in this new season in 2019. Stars from the sky did not suffice, but made many ultralitchikov nervous -)

This season, 2019, the set along with me went on a trip to the Altai Mountains. There, with enormous overloading of gossip (25 grams), grayling was caught. Already in August of this year, I will drive her there with a micro-caliper and turntables)

There are also plans to torture perch on the Ob reservoir, I think this will happen in the near future. Summing up, the kit was firmly fixed on the shelf in my closet.

Sincerely, Ivan Sharapov.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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