May carp. Part 2

May carp. Part 2

Fishing happiness

By itself, fishing from the dam near the pipes is very unpretentious. When driving through such dams, you can always meet fishermen. Someone is fishing, someone is a donka. Everything is simple: water flows out of the pipe, onto which the fish comes out. When the water floods the floodplain, those who have wintered out onto fresh spring water, and when the water leaves the floodplain, the fish guards the diet that is carried away by the course. But the pipe to the pipe is different! There are pipes that are located quite high, and the approach to such a pipe from the side of the floodplain is not a ditch, but a kind of watering with a chakan. In such places, carp is not uncommon, but there is one “but”. It is necessary to catch the moment when the water is just beginning to flow into the lake, where the fish have successfully wintered. His move lasts three or four days, no more. We have such a place in the Central Akhtuba floodplain, in the area of ​​the village. Red tug.

But for several years now, I have been unsuccessfully trying to get to this place at the right time with the appropriate equipment. Alas, having only Saturday or Sunday in the arsenal, it is very difficult to guess this moment. Therefore, a strong fishing rod on the carp remains in the car, and we catch roach, hybrids and everything else that floats under heaps of rubbish of rising water. It remains only to listen to the history of comrades who are more fortunate. For Sasha Mikhailov, his case was probably also an accident …

On May Day holidays, it was decided to go to a friend’s cottage in Bulgakovo. On the subject of relocation of the chimney. Fishing was supposed morning and evening, without prejudice to work. On a fishing rod, not far from home, on a pipe. This pipe is located in a dam across the river with fairly steep slopes. A magnificent day was conducive to unhurriedly sipping roach on the barley and contemplating the smooth flight of a huge flock of roach, bream and other fish. Like a bewitched one, the pack walked in a circle clockwise. Occasionally, this idyll was violated, but not for long, by a huge bream, or even a pike.

The strong pull and brake squeal of the old “Orion” brought me out of a blissful state. The seven-meter rod bent into a pretzel. Perhaps the hazel is naughty, I thought. And here – r-time! – turned out glossy, with a yellow-bronze tint, with a side of a common carp with scales in a nickle! And two more thick backs seemed nearby. I was thrown into a cold sweat (considering my fishing line 0.16), my jaw dropped and my hands trembled. From the outside, I probably became like paralytic. Somehow I went downhill, leading a fish in circles. Apparently, me and my tackle were saved by the spring quilliness or laziness of this monster, he did not make strong jerks. I tried twice to grab it with my hand (the landing net stood peacefully in a corner in the country), but in vain.

On the next lap, it seemed to me that from the tips of my shaking, outstretched fingers to the fish flowed, no, just adrenaline poured with a stream! Still, I was smart, picked up a slippery fish, almost falling into the water, jumped up, and the victory cry broke the silence! The steelyard was four kilos off scale … At the dacha, the carp was released into a large aluminum barrel covered with a tarp. I wanted to bring home alive. The next morning, after checking the fish, I grumbled on the dam for half a day (the chimney was abandoned by a dog under the tail). But, alas … Entering the courtyard of the summer residence, from afar I saw a carp near the barrel. I have not had time to dry yet. There was a hole in the belly of a tennis ball. There was neither caviar nor giblets. This is the work of an old friend – a ferret, he often dragged chickens from neighbors. What a bastard! I had to clean and cut the fish on the spot.

When the water warms up and acacia blooms

And in my memory, a movie firmly settled down, as my uncle dragged a carp, which he pulled by 6 kg, onto a long thick bamboo fishing rod. I then only saw such big ones in the market, and here it was, right next to the house, in the Dry Mosque gully! Then I went there three days in a row with a simple fishing rod. I didn’t have powerful gear, nor did my wading boots. There was only a wild desire to wait for a bite of carp, along with the men who occupied catchy places at night. Then the flood was very high. The shores of Akhtuba were so eroded that even coastal cemeteries were affected. The water level then held on for a long time. Water had already left the ravine, but the mouth itself was still flooded. Here, on warm water and light current, I was carp and began to leave the Volga.

Now, according to the new rules, it is impossible to catch in this place. Yes, and a prolonged flood is now a rarity. But the point is not whether it is possible to catch or not, the fact of the presence of carp in such places in May is interesting. After all, everything that was described above is rather the first half of May, when water heated by warm earth rushes into the floodplain through beams and eriks. And it was a question of local common carp, which overwintered in these same yeriks and lakes. And the Volga carp, not yet spoiled with warm water, apparently begins to look for warmed places a little later. It is often reassured when people catch a herring, and also drags, breaks fishing rods and tears fishing lines to those who catch crucian carp in the reeds during the decline of water on the Volga. Personally, I only remembered the confident movement of the float away from the coast. Zero attention to my hook and the telescopic fishing rod bent into an arc! The fishing line 0.22 “pounded”, and the float swam further. My wife was still surprised why I came so early from fishing.

If we talk about the month of May as a whole, then in our Southern Federal District, carp is simply obliged to be caught in full growth! Indeed, at the end of May he was already caught in the Tver region. I judged a carp fishing competition in Zavidovo a couple of times in May, then what about our “yugas” then? But sport fishing for carp is a separate issue. Moreover, the topic is very interesting in that we, southerners, are catching wild carp. As regards fishing for carp, I am sure that this year Igor Stepanchuk will guard his “random” in his treasured hole, only this time he will be armed to the teeth. Sasha Mikhailov will certainly visit his “pipe” near Bulgakov. And I will definitely try to watch my golden day, when the carp will move towards spring water near the village. Red tug. And, well aware that there is a pattern in our actions, we will nevertheless rely on His Majesty Chance! j

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