Maxmius Gravity Jig 22L, Final Review

Good afternoon, dear colleagues!

I would like to continue the started topic of universal spinning rods for fishing small and medium-sized fish.

Today we will talk about the Maximus Gravity Jig 22L 3-12 2.2 m rod, which costs (at the time of the review) about 5.5 thousand rubles. Such a final review.

So let’s get started.


The design of the rod is not quite ordinary, the bright orange insert on the butt of the blank, at first it seemed that it would either rip out a defiant or just ridiculous, but I was wrong) it looks quite good, concise, it doesn’t give away with Chinese) Over time, I began to understand by what blanks made it look like (spinning rods are not the cheapest). The cross-wound of graphite fibers on the butt looks just fine, discreet, beautiful. The dark color of the ring frames in combination with the color of the inserts looks great, restrained, emphasizing the overall visual concept of the rod. The general appearance is quite worthy of rods of a much higher class.


Neither me nor my comrades with illness had any questions or complaints about assembling my specimen of the rod. Everything is very, very good. To be honest, personally, I have not seen assembly flaws in the rods of this company. Maybe I was just lucky, or maybe the guys are just doing well with quality control. This does not change the essence. Assembled just fine. The only thing that I personally could attribute to the drawbacks of the assembly is that the sticker with the brand logo located on the underside of the handle, where it is closed by the reel foot (whatoo? Ahahah, but who will even look there?) not exactly. But this is if it’s straight to find fault with it. Personally, my opinion is an absolutely irrelevant defect. Again, it does not affect anything. Absolutely. Even in appearance)

My Verdict: The build is almost perfect.


The cover is simple, made of simple glued materials, divided into two compartments, Velcro flap. Simple, not expensive. The color of the cover is the same as the color of the insert on the letterhead. At night or at dusk, you will definitely not get lost! But … BUT! It is functional, comfortable and of high quality. It will perform its function perfectly! What else is required of him?)

Rod accessories:

And now let’s move on to such a burning issue for many as rod fittings.

No, not Fuji. But, personally, I have never chased this brand. There are plenty of good hardware manufacturers. On one of my, I’m not afraid of this word, my favorite rod, there are Korean rings, Kigan, and nothing) I remember this only if I start looking at them)) otherwise – excellent rings! So here, the rings are excellent and even beautiful) aesthetes will appreciate the painted frame)


There were a lot of questions here, since I don’t like skeletons, they don’t lie in my hand. And this one lies. And under a comfortable grip for me. I am surprised. Again) Very worthy! Forgrip and rear / bat grip are made of EVA. Convenient and practical. The rear nut of the reel seat is convenient for me personally. Long handle – jig.


What really surprised me was the rod blank. Moderately soft, not snotty, with a fairly powerful butt, with the elasticity of the blank, everything is fine. Build, in my opinion, fast. The rod test is stated as 3-12 gr. In fact: the form confidently allows you to work both on the bottom of the dough (with reservations about the conditions and thickness of the cord), I caught 3 grams + 1.5 “quite confidently, taking into account the 0.4 PE cord. I even managed to catch comfortably at 2 grams. Tungsten + 3” slug … The rod allows you to both throw this weight (more on that later) and control the lead. On the top of the test I put 12 grams + 3 “not the thinnest vibrotail – throwing and holding is easy! The rod does not fall, but does not cause any desire to add weight. The rod test is objectively correct. Casting at the rod is very decent. No, of course, I am his record holder. I won’t name it, but it’s quite enough. Situations when I didn’t hit the fish I didn’t come across. Also, the rod allows you to perform accurate accurate casts in confined conditions, for this it is quite a fat plus. Working on fish is very, very good !

The blank sticks to the fish tightly. Moreover, depending on the size of the fish, its “stickiness” varies, the more powerful the fish – the more of the blank is included. The stock of power of the butt is enough, as it seemed to me, so that, if something happens, it would not be too sick to fight with fish, 5 kilograms. The rod is perfectly balanced as with a reel weighing 185 grams. and a coil weighing 220. But, nevertheless, I think the golden mean is something about 200-210 grams.

The fishing methods for which this rod is suitable are as follows:

Of course a jig. Easy jig throughout the entire dough range. The rod allows it completely. Leash rigs are exactly the same, no questions asked. Any. Leash, korolina, texas, retraction. Anything that comes to mind – please. Spoons. The rod perfectly digests iron in the entire range of the dough, copes well with both rolls and shakes, and with jigs, spinnerbaits and tile spinners. Just perfect. Wobblers: I tried to fish with this rod on crank-type wobblers – up to 46 not deep – great. Also, the rod allows you to tweak not very stubborn minos, somewhere up to 75-80 mm, to leave volkers not heavy and not too big. Why tweak and not tweak, you ask? And the answer lies in the length of the handle. The rod handle is not the best length for jerking.

The general conclusion that I would like to convey is this: this rod Maximus Gravity Jig MJSSG22L is an excellent, versatile tool that allows you to use, if not all, then the vast majority of types of fishing and lures, which is excellent for both beginner spinning players and more experienced ones who want to try something new, interesting, or even for those who decided to master jig fishing after some other method. In case of a question regarding the choice of a rod for the voiced tasks, I will recommend to my friends without fear that I will be mistaken.

Some photos:

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