Maximus Pulse 762UL spinning review

Maximus Pulse 762UL spinning reviewRockfish beckoned me for a long time, but every time I picked up the rods from these series, the vagaries began: I didn’t like the system, then something else was alarming, and the purchase was postponed indefinitely. With the same rod everything turned out differently. Maximus Pulse 762UL is noticeably different from its counterparts in the ranks, and, in my opinion, it has only a glued tip in common with the “rockfish” series, but its body more resembles a rod sharpened for catching serious large fish. The realization that everything was not easy with him captivated me.

The claimed Maximus Pulse rod test from 1.5 to 8 g and a powerful comel directly indicated that there was some kind of intrigue. As far as I was able to figure it out, Maximus engineers decided to create a special stick that can catch large and strong fish, but using the small weights of the bait. Rockfish, however, suggests that microjig fishing should be the main specialization. For this, the rod has everything: a sensitive glued tip, combined with a high modulus graphite blank, the correct alignment of the rings, and finally, the Fuji SKSS reel seat is mounted directly on the blank. Despite the thickened comel, the rod is lightweight. But is it that simple? I think no. In this rod, every angler will be able to discover much more than it seems at first glance.

First meeting

I put the brand new Maximus Pulse with the marking 762UL on a shelf in the car and waited for the right opportunity to try it in practice. I did not immediately get the chance to test it, and the acquaintance was very short. The caught perch weighing no more than 200 g per 1.5 g twister with a head clearly demonstrated how the rod transfers the bite to the hand, how it works when fishing, allowing you to avoid obstacles and thereby control the whole process. I made trial casts with small wobblers and turntables. At that moment, awareness came, my choice of rod was made correctly, I already liked it at that stage. I immediately wanted to continue, but I had to wait for the coming weekend.

Early on Saturday morning I visited an interesting place where there is a river with a calm course, as well as rifts and floods with a wide mirror surface. According to my idea, the rod was going to pass serious tests. The beginning was very delicate and cautious, the microtwister academically fell to the desired place, demonstrating the accuracy of sending the bait with the rod. Replacing edible silicone with a small trout pinwheel, I began to catch a place where the branches of the tree almost touched the water, and I really did not want to lose the pinwheel, given its high catchability. The rod over and over clearly laid the bait in the right nickle.

Out of the morning calm and balance I was taken out by a bite of a small pike. Grabbing the turntable, she darted to the shore with an arrow and, not calculating her maneuver, dug into the shore with acceleration. Bouncing off it, she rushed to the center of the river, from where she was withdrawn. All this was so unexpected and fast that I did not even have time to come to my senses, as a pike lay on the shore. A small photo shoot, and the pup was released to grow up. Then it dawned on me how convenient it was for me to manipulate a short rod and manage it among the thickets – as if this rod had been in my work for several years. A fisherman riding a bike stopped me and asked about the success. After hearing my short story, I advised you not to waste time and go to the rifts, where you could catch trout.

Rock and pestle

I managed to catch a couple of pieces, but the size of the pestle was so small that they were allowed to grow. I caught on a strong current with a wobbler: rafted it downstream under the bushes and then made wiring. Maximus Pulse 762UL coped with all the tasks for five points. But I wanted to catch microjig that day, and this unexpected alignment with fishing for trout distracted me a little from the intended purpose.

Casting distance

A calm morning kept the mirror surface on the spill. In such weather, it is good to admire the views of nature, and for fishing, it is right to choose the weather according to the principle: the worse it is, the better for fishing. I equipped the rod with a cheburashka and an offset hook weighing 2 g, and the very first casts showed that the casting distance with fishing line was 0.18 mm at the highest level. I easily overcame the 20-25-meter mark, and this result suited me one hundred percent. He threw the estimated 8 g for him at 35 meters. What was especially pleasing was the accuracy of the casts. Having charged the rod with a 14-gram cheburashka equipped with a large vibro-tail, he made a test cast. Understanding that the overload is exactly twice as much as stated by the manufacturer. Despite this overload, the Cheburashka was sent more than 40 meters, but I did not get any pleasure from the wiring. The very idea of ​​micro-jig fishing for small weights was killed in this case, there are other gear for this weight, but in an extreme case, getting this rod to the desired edge will be quite possible.

Lightweight and powerful

The weight of the rod is 84 g, which is negligible for a 2.28 m long blank. It is equipped with super light zirconia rings. I put a reel from my old stocks, and it obviously did not fit into this tandem, having considerable weight, but for me this combination was just a fluff. When a pike weighing more than a kilo took the twister offered to her, it felt to me just gigantic. Near the coast, she jumped out of the water and began to shake her head in different directions. But even in this case, the control of the fishing process remained completely under my control, which once again says that the rod is designed to catch large and strong fish. The fight can take place at a short distance, as it happened in this case. And it can be trout, pikeperch, pike or big perch.


The sensitivity of this form is beyond praise. Of course, we can say that there was a certain “love” for this rod, but its strengths are easily explained from the technical side. This is a hollow hard top (paste) of high modulus graphite. It provides excellent sensitivity during wiring, especially with a thin cord. I would even say excessive sensitivity, since the sharpness of the wiring constantly keeps the fisherman's attention in tension. Therefore, for me, switching to a 0.18 mm fishing line was an unloading, and on the other hand, due to the replacement, the probability of the fish coming down when fishing was reduced, especially when fishing for perches.

I used to like to catch perches on poppers, and for this fishing small baits were acquired. I could not throw them with coarse gear over a long distance, and having worked with this rod, I understood from the very first casts that the small poppers were put back into operation on my working lures. The only thing I had to change was the grip in the area of ​​the reel seat. With this grip, the rod is turned with its tip down, and a short jerk turns out to be even and controlled, and this is important for creating the correct “squish”.

Maximus Pulse 762UL completed all the tasks, and even more, and there was nothing to complain about, the spinning was done perfectly and flawlessly, and got the highest score in all respects. Why can he do almost everything? Yes, because initially it was planned for microjig, with all the ensuing circumstances. And the fact that it can act as a universal fishing rod only expands the scope of its application, and, perhaps, thanks to this fishing rod someone will master new directions for fishing in spinning. For example, mormyshing in combination with fluorocabone monoleska. For this method of fishing, the Maximus Pulse 762UL is very good, since the tip is made of high-modulus graphite and does not have spurious vibrations, thereby taking control of the accuracy of the game with a jigsaw when swinging.

author Andrey Spirin

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