Maximus Pulse 732SUL spinning review

Maximus Pulse 732SUL spinning reviewMy love for ultralight gear came to me under the influence of fishing competitions. As I remember now, there was a tournament at one of the ponds near St. Petersburg, and the main object of fishing was, of course, small perch. Of course, at that time I didn’t have a micro-jig stick yet – that was the beginning of my sporting history – but it was still not forbidden to catch a shore lead in the framework of the competition. And just then, I fully felt the benefits of light, informative and delicate sticks that can work with weights of 1-2 grams. Then I still took third place due to the pike caught in one of the tours, but the next day I went to the store to replenish my park with a new fishing rod.

It is no longer possible to recall the whole cycle of spinning rods created for fishing in the style of rockfish, but we have adapted for microjig fishing. But even now, when the wave of all-round enthusiasm for this fishing quietly calmed down, and the new fashion trend is still close to light and ultra-light weights, but with different fish and other formats, microjig rods are interesting, and no, no, and a new fishing rod It turns out to be in the hands and will certainly be carefully checked in the pond.

So, in fact, what happened with the novelty of this year – the PULSE 732SUL rod from many well-known Korean manufacturer MAXIMUS. At the start of sales, there was some story that they were in stores at completely different prices, and my friend, for example, managed to get a beginner at a completely humane price list. Here you also have to make an allowance for the fact that when you are deeply passionate about this or that type of fishing, the humane price for you is usually higher than average, since you are already paying for a particular feature or detail, for a new technology, for example, considering that it can be something really breakthrough. I wrote this with an eye to the fact that Pulse is more expensive than the same Ranger, which now occupies a firm position in the market in its price range and class.

But back to PULSE. This series of spinning rods has an attractive design, but what to hide, the sticks look chic. Here the matter lies in the selection of a noble black color of the form, combined with gold trim. But in the first place, the constructive and the assembly are striking. The blank of the rod is tailored in such a way that the cone forms a handle at the end of the spinning rod, and as a result, the blank and handle are one piece. The manufacturer called this development Super Sensitive System2. The Fuji SKSS reel seat kit is seated directly on the blank, making it highly sensitive without losing its ergonomics. But this is not all interesting innovations. T-Zirconia Slim Ring rings also require special attention. Apparently, this is an analogue of Fuji Torzite, therefore, we have the lightest frame and a new, thinner and lighter insert. At the same time, the rings did not lose either in strength or in reliability.

In the series at the moment, two rods with a Solid tip for lovers of the smallest weights and maximum control in all weather conditions are the 702XUL and 732SUL sticks. For those who want a rod under the lobby and later, in order to work with weights heavier than 4 g, there is a 762UL model with a Tabular apex, which is also the longest stick in the series. As I said above, the 732SUL fell into my hands. And on the same day, while the weather was fair in St. Petersburg, I went to the quarry closest to the house, where I used to spend quite a lot of time catching perch. Since it was limited in time, I decided not to change the points, despite the fact that in the place of fishing the perch was, to put it mildly, passive. The point is a sharp dump under the shore, about one and a half meters deep, and then with a smooth increase in depth to 3 m. The bottom is mostly silted and covered with algae. There are gaps in this grass near the shore and at the discharge, so often the wiring ended in a banal gathering of any vegetation on a hook or cheburashka. It was decided to check the stick with weights from 1 to 3 g, which, in general, with variations in the size of the rubber fits into the scope of the test.

The coastal zone was treated with a 1-gram tungsten cheburashka with hook No. 6 and a LureMax Stitch Stick in the amount of 2.5 inches. And on the first cast I was pleasantly surprised by the clear delivery due to the soft top. I used to catch all kinds of solid, and I always like them more than hollow and dry spinning rods, but there was something new. And when with a rather noticeable wind in my face I could, without straining, track the work on the soft bottom, it became clear that the spinning was definitely interesting, and there were a lot of similar ones.

Standard sports okushki were smaller than palms near the shore, so I dropped the weight of 2 g more likely for statistics and checking information content. When the turn came to handle a long distance with 3 g weights, there was a feeling that this is the limit of comfort exactly at the top – in the form, due to the geometry, there is enough margin for large weights. But after several test throws and getting used to a specific message – there were no more thoughts about overloading. Talking about sensitivity with such scales, I think it makes no sense – everything is clear throughout the wiring, and the visual control is at a height, and the sensor is very good. We have already managed to remove a couple of good striped ones of 250-300 g each, which, for this reservoir, can be considered bonus items. True, one of them completely refused to be photographed and rode away. Fishing ended in the rain, as the wind did its job and drove the clouds.

On the whole, the impressions are positive, the spinning is definitely interesting and unusual. Against the background of the total mass of rockfish rods, it definitely stands out, and if someone is interested in this direction, I recommend paying attention to PULSE. I’m thinking about trying it in the format of catching rainbow trout on rubber, as its soft and delicate tip will allow me to work fine with super-light weights in 0.3-0.5 g. Well, this fishing rod will fly with me to the sea on the next vacation – there, I think it will be revealed in all its glory. The MAXIMUS series turned out to be entertaining, original and beautiful. As I wrote about their rods, the development is noticeable, and it has a positive vector. I hope that PULSE as a series will be expanded with a couple more sticks.

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