Match rods "Volzhanka"

Match rods "Volzhanka"Rods experiencing extreme dynamic loads when performing ultra-long casts or when fishing for really large fish are produced in the plug-in version. First of all, these are specialized fishing rods using the long casting method, which received the name “match” in company catalogs. Although, generally speaking, a “match” is the common name of fishing rods for long casting, for dumb equipment, and for plugs, which were born thanks to special orders received from manufacturers for specific designs from athletes. If the tests in the competition are successful, the rod can be launched into mass production and included in the catalog.

Specialized rods for long-distance float fishing for many years had a very strict standard for the length and weight of equipment. The standard "English" length was 13 feet (3.96 m), and the recommended weight of equipment was from 2 to 16 g. With the advent of high-quality lines and inertialess reels, other rods began to be produced: 14 feet (4.27 m) long and with a test of 10-20 g. Gradually, even more powerful universal rods were spread: 15 feet (4.57 m) long with a test of 10-40 g.

Rods for long casting of equipment made of the most modern materials are not cheap, but there are relatively inexpensive models of mass production. Long casting rods with a plug-in connection are almost always three-knee. They are equipped with flow rings with liners made of silicon carbide, alumina or zirconium. Reel seat screw, one or another design. As a rule, the handle is cork, but in inexpensive models it can be made of special neoprene.

High-speed inertia-free reels of high quality with a capacity of at least 100 m monofil fishing line with a diameter of 0.20-0.22 are usually installed on rods for long casting. Typically, such a coil has a spool with a reverse cone, anti-twist of the fishing line and an instant stopper of the reverse stroke, which is extremely desirable for thin woods. The stop is necessary when using a thin fishing line, otherwise loops constantly fly off from the spool. But the position of the brake – in front or behind – does not matter, the main thing is the possibility of a very smooth change in effort, because the main line is most often used with a diameter of 0.12-0.18 mm, and leashes 0.08-0.12 mm.

The developments of the specialists of the Technological Center “PPM” took into account the requirements of not only athletes, but also all lovers of float fishing from a long distance. In this case, the company "PPM" is always ready to offer a large selection of coils of the appropriate class and purpose. The line of match rods of the PPM shopping center is opened by the Volzhanka Match Modern series. These are professional rods for long and accurate casting over distances of up to 70 m of equipment weighing up to 25 g. The use of IM12 graphite fibers has allowed us to create very fast, light and reliable models of a truly world-class. The rods are equipped with high quality pass rings with SiC liners and a cork handle. Specially for the Volzhanka Match Modern series, a screw reel seat has been developed that resembles the reel seat of elite spinning models, but with an increased diameter.

Volzhanka Match Modern is available in three working lengths. A 360 cm long model is preferable for catching large fish at an average distance. The 390 is a classic. The 420 cm long model is more suitable for fishing in conditions of relatively low fish activity. This is the summer heat, and the shallow coastal zone, and the factor of anxiety and competition from other fishermen. It is worth considering that in this case the length of the rod does not give significant advantages in casting distance; much more important is that a longer rod allows you to throw light equipment at the desired distance, which can provide results with poor biting. The Volzhanka Match series of match rods was designed for anglers who are more interested in not the result in the protocol, but the ability to catch large, cautious fish. Although Volzhanka Match is a somewhat simplified and cheaper version of Volzhanka Match Modern, the functional and weight characteristics remained almost unchanged, and the reliability of the design even increased.

Like Volzhanka Match Modern, Volzhanka Match rods are available in lengths of 360, 390 and 420 cm with doughs up to 25 g. Graphite fibers IM12 are partially replaced with IM8 fibers in the blank material. Instead of a cork in the handle, a special, easy-to-wash, non-slip neoprene is used. Volzhanka Match fishing rods can be used not only for fishing with long casting of float equipment, but also during fishing for trout, ide or grayling on equipment with a bombard, or sbirulino. Very good rods of this series are suitable for spring fishing of large bream, roach and ide on rivers in large water.

Despite the fact that the plug-in design of match rods is generally accepted, the specialists of the PPM Technology Center have successfully implemented the idea of ​​a telescopic version 420 and 450 cm long. This is the Volzhanka Telemat Comfort series. The rods are light, fast and, as experience has shown in the most difficult conditions, reliable. Telescopic connections made it possible to reduce the transport length by one and a half times. Volzhanka Telemat Comfort rods are equipped with through-rings with SiC inserts and a high-quality reliable reel seat. Designed for casting rigging weighing from 5 to 30 g and using fishing line with a diameter of up to 0.25 mm. The complex construction of the Volzhanka Telemat Comfort fishing rods allows you to use them not only for long-distance fishing, but also as Bologna ones. They are also very convenient for catching wiring from a boat.

The special place “Volzhanka Karp Match” occupies a special place in the serial production of the PPM shopping center, and this is not a series, but a separate model. Working length 360 cm, transport – 126 cm. Optimum weight of equipment – 5-30 g. Net weight of the rod 215 g. The recommendations and wishes of professional athletes, specialists in catching large fish and the experience of PPM technologists and designers "converged" in this rod . The rod is made using the most modern high-quality materials and components.

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