Major Craft Vierra VRS-802MH – a worthy tool for jig at a good price


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Good day, dear comrades hobby! We will not pull right to the point!

A particular desire to test this particular spinning is due to the fact that I just choose a stick in this particular test (up to 35 grams). Only here I choose from a higher price range. I wanted to try something from the average price tag. Why not?)

It turned out that initially I did not get the test stick, but thanks to a coincidence, I was the one who got it. By the way, many thanks to the site and the company MIDA for the opportunity to test this particular spinning. This is my first experience test gear, I hope not the last!

Well, let's start? I went, took, saw, felt. What to sit? It's time to fish!


Stroy Extra Fast
Height 243 cm
Weight 129 grams
Test bait 9-35 grams
Cord test – 12-20 lb
Separated handle
Handle material – EVA
The length of the handle 43.5 cm.
Ring Insert Material – sic
The diameter of the tulip is 3 mm.
Diameter of the entrance ring is 20 mm.
Material of the form – HMC (Carbon fiber)
Single Rings
Fuji Hardware
Price: 7000-8000 rubles in different stores

First look

The first thing I would like to tell you is perfect, I’m not afraid of the word, a case. Dense, not easily soiled, perfectly closes and performs all its functions. For 3 weeks of the test showed himself perfectly. I was in the water, in the mud, and in the grass. Dirt does not stick to him from the word "absolutely." It looks very high quality stitched. Information on the material is not found anywhere, feels like a tarp with the addition of PVC.

About stick

Easy enough wand for its potential and test. Pleasant to the touch EVA, spaced long handle (43.5 cm), fittings – all at the highest level, the rings are very well fixed, the familiar Fuji reel holder adds confidence and feeling “at home”.

It looks like a spinning does not say that “expensive”, but dignified and pleasant to the eye. Here, rather, already taste.

A long-range, spring casting, perfectly launches various fishing products into the stratosphere.


Starting with weights from 12 grams on carolina and classic jig tooling, a rather informative tip knocks nicely on the arm, as befits a tool for catching a predator from the bottom of the middle price segment.

On the top of the dough (26-30g. Cheburashka + 70-100mm vibrotail) plays no worse. Every pebble knocks on forearm. Like. Nicely. It feels the safety margin and the ability to overload the form, although in my case it was not necessary.

Pleasantly powerful tool, it works out and knits a predator perfectly well. "Malkov" 200-300 grams do not notice at all when hauling, dragging as a branch). Pleasantly surprised by the sensitivity of the spinning for relatively little money.


In quotes, because on the Ob shallows with a wild current, twitching fishing for wobblers can hardly be called.

Build extra-fast unambiguously hints that the wand is jig. But where in Novosibirsk without a night pike perch? In my opinion, this is the most exciting kind of fishing, not counting the sea, on the marlin, for example). By that, the main information will be exactly that.

Wobblers also, like lead, at the tip you start to feel from 12 grams, everything that is lighter is not felt even when casting, and even more so during the flow. Standard Ob "killer pikeperch" perfectly fly, in the hand the game and vibrations are felt. The smallest spear fish qualitatively transferred to the hand. Very pleased with the sensitivity of the form.

When driving out fish from a kilogram, the form works out just fabulous. Knits a fish literally in seconds. Ob predator very quickly tired. Nearby pike wrapped the "Vierra" in the wheel, literally 10-15 seconds and the fish are tired. The pleasant feeling of victory at the other end of the basket is exactly why we are going fishing, in addition to poklevok.

Twitching (already without quotes):

For a twitch on stagnant water, the extra-fast system is not the most suitable (generally not suitable, to be honest). Broaching two-three different caliber wobblers immediately made it clear that the tool is designed and designed entirely for other purposes. Spit in a tree and went to cling Cheburashka)


The most important thing. Really it was impossible to install hookkeeper for the money? Very unpleasant moment when you have to move in search of fish. This is not so expensive, and the stick is not an 800-ruble Chinese.
Weight? No, not weight … Only an ambiguous feeling that the wand is light, and the hand gets tired. 2 nights in a row in search of perch – tolerated. The third is a branch of hell. Fourth – hell hell. Specifically, this drawback is not about spinning, but about a slightly unsuitable coil. Under this spinning would ideally fit a reel with a spool of 3000-3500 size (according to Dive).


An excellent cover, well, yes, I got high with it, I was high. Another hundred times I can write that the case is perfect)
Nice chuyka.
"Knocks" in the hand.
High-quality long-range casting, even on small scales.
Proven for centuries Fuji fittings.
Comfortable handle.
The overall quality of the execution form. Everything looks and feels reliably, with a good margin of strength.


In general, a worthy tool for your money. Would definitely recommend for jig from shore. For the boat, the wand is also suitable, but not too comfortable growth for boat fishing.
Surely working on the tip of the slightest unevenness of the bottom.
For wobblers on shallows quite a nice tool, from 12 grams and above. The wobbler game, the slightest hesitation, butting and hitting predatory fish is perfectly felt.
A nice long cast. All elements of the form, accessories and especially the cover are well made. The case is generally a masterpiece.
To purchase I recommend, most importantly, a thorough approach to the choice of the coil for this spinning. Ideal 3000-3500 size on the Dive.
The tool left a pleasant impression of a truly “tool” for certain purposes.
As a hammer is suitable for hammering nails, so the Major Craft Vierra VRS-802MH is suitable for tasks of a spinning player who wants to get fish from the bottom.

P.S. Spinning on the Ob River, Novosibirsk and the region was tested. Complete with Daiwa Fuego LT 2500XH coil, Kosadaka Super PE X9 cords 0.14 and 0.12 from June 20 to July 10, 2019.


Once again, many thanks to the site and MIDA company for the tool provided for the test, I will not be afraid of this word)

And you, comrades in passion, thank you so much for reading! All NHPCs and see you on the ponds!

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