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LureMax Silicone LureMarch weather unexpectedly rocked the thermometer in the positive direction. The ice in large reservoirs began to thaw, somewhere to break and swim away, and where it still stands, there is no longer any confidence in safety. And familiar fishermen, who for various reasons do not engage in winter fishing, began to actively move. This is not the first year in this "movement" I have been celebrating the onset of the open water season. And the cabinets where summer tackle is lying are beginning to open for revision … Recently, at a Moscow exhibition, a friend shared his plans for the season and told how he and his friend ordered some crazy amount of lead, calculated for the whole season. And where the jig equipment comes off, of course, the bait comes off.

As a result, according to estimates, replenishment of stocks once translates into a sickly amount … And if the soul lies in the works of Japanese masters, then there the family or personal budget will most likely close its eyes and take a deep breath. At the exhibition at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, it was possible to note modern trends for yourself and see the news of the coming season. And the season will be eventful and interesting, at least I really want to hope for it. So this pleasant fuss touched me, although I still do not plan to close the winter season, smelt is still being caught, and roach on Ladoga is already “on the way”.

But remembering the conversation with a comrade, I climbed into my jig "toys" for a thorough study of future prospects. And in general, the results of the inspection more than pleased me; at least there are no problems with lead in my arsenal. Once upon a time I was keen on this fishing and also made shock purchases of different-sized “cheburashka”, whose total weight could “run away” far beyond 5-10 kg. But with the rubber gaps were visible. Basically, the truth is, this concerned zander and pike, but it would also be nice to pull perch worms for calm. Agree, not the most pleasant thing is to run around the city in search of a certain color and model. Especially when friend-comrades at this time catch. But there is rubber, which for some reason was discontinued, or supply disruptions began.

LureMax Yobbo in action!

Last season, LureMax lures appeared in our stores. And first of all, this manufacturer became famous thanks to the release of the Yobbo model. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the familiar outlines of my favorite silicone model, especially in the color called “watermelon” in the common people. I immediately took a pack of available sizes and the very next day I combed the Neva fossa with these baits. The result was already on the first fishing trip, but for me this is a very weighty argument to take a closer look at the brand and try out their other products.

The experiments

Then I began to set up experiments with rubber for perch fishing. Still, a heavy jig is not my favorite fishing, and I consider a weight limit of about 25 grams a comfortable limit. With a perch, however, everything is different: fish also peck more often, and less weight. What you need to relax after a working day and relax in the company of good friends. On the perch from LureMax, I without hesitation took the Stitch Stick model: this form is known to everyone and has long won a lot of fans. While I was engaged in fishing, for me, this bait from different manufacturers has always been number one. I think to say that the LureMax Stitch Stick is not an exception to this rule, there is no need. The Pinhead Minnow and Riota models also performed well. A good selection of working color solutions allows you to "close" all the necessary options in our region.

When eminent favorites are silent

When the time came for zander in the bay, Ayame and Slim Shad showed themselves well. And last year I gave preference to large sizes – from 4 inches, but even quite often off-peak picks were hung on them. I will not guess: maybe this “edibility” is some kind of special material or its softness, but there were cases when eminent Japanese favorites were silent and LureMax brought a stable result throughout the fishing day. So this year, so as not to “bother” the head strongly, I placed an order for the same baits, only added more colors and sizes. But he did not ignore the newcomers who managed to peek at the exhibition in Moscow.

The first novelty is the ribbed worms Esmeralda: I met a similar form somewhere, but apparently briefly, but in vain … I think the potential of the bait for the perch will be destructive, both on a classic hinge and using all kinds of spaced montages . But the second novelty attracted me, of course, because it is a beloved nymph for trout fishing. At LureMax, this model is called Kraken. This is a classic nymph, which was used, perhaps, by every trout player, regardless of whether he is an athlete or not. The type of bait is very effective both when fishing for wild trout in rivers, and when fishing in artificial ponds with rainbow trout. We will, as they say, experiment. Although now you can count on the fact that the bait will bring trophies.

There are many good reviews on the tires of this manufacturer, and the price for it is more than pleasant. Especially considering that fishing on the Neva is for “steadfast in spirit and pocket”. Therefore, I think that LureMax lures will take a strong place among the favorites. I'd like to believe that the range will continue to expand thanks to new series, colors and smells. To complete warming, of course, is still far away. And even more so far from the beloved by many white nights on the Neva embankments. But as they say, prepare a sled in the summer. So it is here: in winter and spring we are preparing for the open water season. I hope everyone will have a successful and rich trophy season. Well, of course, I would like to believe that spring will not last long …

author Maxim Yakhontov


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