LureMax-rubber with or with taste about rubber

Rubber with taste, or with taste about rubber!

Outside the window is summer. And this means that the season of trout competitions has come to an end. The spinnings are put into tubes, the fishing box into the chest of drawers, and the trout “rubber” is hidden so far that no one could smell this unforgettable smell of cheese …

EcoGroup - exclusive representative of the brands Maximus, Alaskan, LureMax, PowerPhantom, BlackSide, EcoPro, Saykio: LureMax-rubber with or with taste about rubber

Summer is the time of another predator and, accordingly, of another “rubber." And speaking of another predator, I mean zander … Summer is a period of diverse fishing trips: from a city jig with a view of drawbridges to lake fishing with large "rubber". Well, of course, do not forget about the rivers – both with open areas and with swirling forests! For all this variety of fishing, a decent assortment of “rubber” is required … Today, a huge number of all kinds of brands and species are presented in fishing shops … There are worms and fish with and without smell, and in a completely different price category. Over the years, catching pikeperch, and I admit, I love catching it, I happened to try a lot of silicone baits. And for me the question always remained relevant: “Is it worth choosing different brands, or can you focus on one?”

Recently I came across a new brand for myself LureMax. What I immediately liked about it was that it was represented by many popular bait models. At the moment, already released
29 models. Among them stand out classic vibro-tails with long chased bodies and wide heels …
For example, I like the Slim Shad model, which comes in 4 sizes (50, 75, 95, 115 mm) and a huge assortment of colors – from natural to aggressive acid … I also liked the models called Butcher and Spy: both classic vibro-tails with wide bodies and powerful tails – in my opinion, this is a universal bait for all types of predatory fish. Butcher comes in sizes of 75, 100 and 130 mm, while Spy comes in 80, 100 and 130 mm. In my arsenal to date, both models are represented in the size of 130 mm, and, to be honest, I successfully caught them both on the bay and on the Neva in the city.

EcoGroup - exclusive representative of the brands Maximus, Alaskan, LureMax, PowerPhantom, BlackSide, EcoPro, Saykio: LureMax-rubber with or with taste about rubber

EcoGroup - exclusive representative of the brands Maximus, Alaskan, LureMax, PowerPhantom, BlackSide, EcoPro, Saykio: LureMax-rubber with or with taste about rubber

Both there and there, the pike perch “joyfully” ate them! Also, I can’t ignore the huge selection of various worms: these are Sheeky Worm, Lombriza, Rag Worm, Wood Worm, Blood Worm, Curly Worm, Garden Worm … The choice of colors and sizes is really impressive! Sizes range from 10 to 80 mm. And I'm sure that these worms will appeal to many types of fish. From my own experience I can say that the same zander, especially when it is passive, eats large worms with pleasure. In the assortment there are also small twisters – Teaser and Ebisu – in sizes 50 and 55 mm, respectively, as well as all kinds of slugs (Esmiralda, Minori, Stich Stick, Red Bag), imitation of insects (Stone Fly, Kraken), and vibrating vibro-tails (Pikolino , Seeker, Sensor, Ayame, Riota), which create additional noise during wiring – the so-called Max Sound Effect.

I personally liked the Yobbo bait, which reminded me already
but known to many Awaruna. Due to the shape of the body, this bait creates acoustic vibrations in the water, which additionally attracts fish. Fortunately, not only I liked her, but also zander. 2 colors worked perfectly for me: 005 and 011. I successfully caught on Yobbo both on the Neva and on the Gulf of Finland. I am sure that in other places she will show herself perfectly! Interestingly, the pike perch “finished up” the bait when we were fishing in Finnish. This story I personally repeated 2 times: casting, standard step wiring, 2 turns, pause, 2 turns, pause … Beat. By. Frustrated, I continue to post, and the next step is another blow. Confident hooking – and a little lump in the boat. There is only one conclusion: zander “rubber” is clearly to your taste, edible silicone really works. As for the material of the bait itself – it is also on the level: the silicone is dense, elastic, tensile, the casting quality is very decent. The bait sits perfectly on all types of equipment – and on offset hooks, and on jig heads, and on doubles.

And, of course, like any self-respecting “rubber”, baits have a smell. HD Active Organic Attractants are biologically active attractants based on natural organic extracts. Of the "chips" can also be noted a couple of technological solutions used in the manufacture of these products. Floating Formula – floating "rubber". Often, this feature has a positive effect on the result of fishing. First, the bait hangs longer in the water column; secondly, such "rubber" at the bottom occupies a perpendicular position – and it is easier for fish to attack it. Hook Placement Holes – a special groove in the body of the bait, which allows you to drown the offset hook, which in turn provides easier passage in blind snags. In all other cases, I personally use the usual jig head. Pro Eatable Soft Baits Attractive Shape – edible rubber. A feature of this technology is that with this brand the attractant does not just envelop the bait, but is added to the silicone itself, which ensures a longer action.

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