Lure review Aiko Humbug Minnow 45

I am amazed quite a bit by the dismissive remarks in the media and especially in the Internet forums to the lures of the budget price group, such as River2Sea, SeaBass, Aiko, StrikePro and others. The most interesting thing is that statements like “Fu-woo, it’s cheap China!” you hear from those who often did not even hold these baits in their hands: “Not my level and I will not even try.” And those who have tried in practice, for example, the same River2Sea wobblers, are unlikely to say that this is “cheap China”. Do you catch all expensive “branded” wobblers? Not sure. For example, this season I stubbornly chase two “Griffins” from the popular Japanese “Megabass” – Zero and Baby Zero, in the tail and in the mane. And the two of them caught me only four fish all summer. Yes, I’m ready to split them with a hammer! How much do they cost, do you know? And what did I get for this amount? Yes, with this money I could buy a whole set of “Rivers” or “Strikes”!

Nobody says that copies of R2S, StrikePro, Aiko, etc. they catch better than the originals – but they catch! Moreover, it is 2-3 times cheaper. The thing is that we are initially biased towards such budget series, that is, we already doubt them in advance. If you overcome this complex in yourself and catch them in full force, without thinking about how much this wobbler costs, then it will catch! Belief in bait means a lot. In this review I want to describe one of my favorite wobblers – Humbug Minnow 45 by Aiko. Everything is based on real tests and repeated fishing trips, as a result of which I came to the firm conviction that Aiko, like R2S, StrikePro, Seabass and others, is not a basement “china” of the 90s for 30 rubles. apiece, but quite a working product of a very serious company.

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The Ayko company produces spinning rods, reels, wobblers, spoon baits, fishing line and other small fishing items. Probably no one is surprised that many of the wobblers of this company clearly resemble the famous hits of brand manufacturers. “Aiko” does not hide the fact that the basis of the design of many wobblers is borrowed from the already broken models of other companies, in which their own changes in weight, sizes, colors, etc. are made. The “progenitor” of the Hambug Minnow 45 is the famous LMinnow 44 from Yo-Zuri. However, the Aiko version is very different from him.

A few words about Yo-Zuri L-Minnow 44. This model combines many positive qualities. The fact that she is good at catching chub, as well as other fish, is, of course, her main plus. The important advantages include excellent flight characteristics, excellent stability in fast and non-uniform currents and, of course, an affordable price. The first sign of the huge popularity of this wobbler was the appearance of many of its various copies from other manufacturers, among which one of the best is the Humbug 45. The Hambug Minnow 45 wobbler is presented in three versions: floating, neutral and sinking. I must say right away that they are all different and the differences are quite tangible. Each has its own flavor, which must be understood and applied depending on the circumstances.

The floating model was released first, later the suspender and sinking version appeared. How different are they from the original? It’s not an easy question. At the first acquaintance with an almost identical copy of the “forty-fourth” – Humbug 45 S from River2Sea, which is also sinking like its progenitor, the difference in the game seemed to me absolutely scanty, almost without differences. But after fishing them for some time in different conditions, I realized that these models are still different, and quite noticeably. For example, in the R2S model, the trajectory of movement with acceleration of the winding becomes yaw, that is, the wobbler begins to make throws to the sides of the straight course. And this is what often causes large fish to attack.

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Describing the sinking version of the Humbug Minnow 45 S according to the game, it must be said that the word “minnow”, which is present in the name, does not mean that the game of this wobbler also corresponds to this class. No, the game pattern and active vibration are more likely to fit into the “crank” category. Compared to the L-Minnow 44, the Aiko Hambug has a quieter (as opposed to the pronounced “beater” of the 44th) and higher-amplitude play. The rattle sound is also different: it is of a higher pitch and less loud. Hambug is represented by a whole range of different colors, which the progenitor clearly lacks. This wobbler works well on the fastest current and on active fish.

With the floating model Humbug 45 F, the game is already closer to the minnow class – it is much calmer and smoother. The wobbler is not so stubborn and is often preferred by inactive fish. A big plus of this wobbler is that with it you can achieve the slowest, on the verge of stopping, play, which cannot be done with the sinking L-Minnow 44 and Humbug 45 S, which generally stop moving and stop when the speed of the drive decreases. Option “F” can work with the slowest wiring even in quiet water. It also holds the stream perfectly and is simply irreplaceable when you need to float bait.

The Humbug Suspender “Su” model is the golden mean. It flies well, unlike the floating version, it works quite steadily on the current, and its play is moderately active and moderately stubborn. With good flight characteristics, it can be floated, which is sometimes very important. The colors of this modification by Aiko are simply wonderful. Well, the ability to hang in the water column during a pause in the wiring is its main and invaluable highlight, however, like all suspender wobblers. By the way, this model tweets well, which can be successfully used, for example, when fishing for medium-sized pike.

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Many situations can be described when the L-Minnow 44 itself did not work, but was caught by one of the above models. The selection is made according to the circumstances, and a set of all four models, including the L-Minnow, is one of the most working for me. Of course, one should not forget that one of the main components in fishing is the correct supply of the wobbler and you need to select your own wiring for each model and conditions. Also, do not forget about the color, which often, for example, in the summer when catching a chub, can be very important.

To summarize, I can say that personally I think the Humbug series is very successful. Perhaps a quarter of all chubs were caught by me on different versions of wobblers of this series. Even at the moment, when the number of chub lures I have is several dozen, the “advanced” box always contains five or six of these wobblers of different colors and weight.

Marat Yarullin