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Long-Range Autumn Carp Fishing

Autumn is the time when the crucian fishing zone is increasingly shifting from the coast to great depths, away from the coast. Accordingly, the fly fishing rod begins to cede its rights to longer-range gear – match, Bologna and feeder.

Bologna fishing rod

When the weather is “unlucky" and the pond is almost completely calm, then, as a rule, at small distances from the coast you can count on a good nibble only where there is a decent, 3-4 meters depth. But often, having arrived at a pond, we see that, unfortunately, there are no empty seats in such areas. In this situation, tackle for long casting, a match or a lap-dog allows you to save the situation.

Fishing with a rod for long casting in autumn calm is a pleasure: you can use lighter rigs and make accurate casts. Since the fishing depth is not very large, it makes no sense to use sliding floats, but it is better to give preference to a more “folk” tackle, namely a Bologna fishing rod. The suitable length of the Bologna fishing rod for fishing on the crucian lake is 6-7 meters. In some places you can get by with the “five”, but if you have to fish in an unfamiliar place, it is best to opt for a longer rod. This is due to both the fishing distance and the depth. At a great distance from the coast, a long fishing rod is much more convenient to cast and control equipment. And if on a fishing site the depth is more than four meters, then without a long fishing rod effective fishing becomes almost impossible. In addition, a long fishing rod is much more convenient to snag carp under the shore.

It is advisable to use a light class lap-dog capable of working with lightweight snap-ins. When choosing a fishing rod, it is better, of course, not to save much. A high-quality and lightweight rod is not only pleasantly in the hand – it allows you to perform more accurate casts and use thin rigs. In addition, good rods are usually equipped with rings on high legs, so the fishing line does not get confused and does not stick to the blank during rain or dew. The last one or two knees are equipped with additional movable rings for the correct distribution of loads. As for the reel, match models with a high winding speed are best suited. Suitable for fishing on the lake, the size of the reel is from 2500 to 3000 according to the Shimano classification.

The floats can be used with two attachment points, oblong or teardrop-shaped, preferably with a long, best metal, keel and slightly thicker than usual, clearly visible antenna. The capacity of the float depends on the test of the rod, but you need to try not to go out of the range from 1 to 2.5 grams. If the existing rod cannot work with light floats, then special loaded match floats can also be used. As the main fishing line, it is better to take match, preferably drowning, with a diameter of 0.14-0.16 mm. The leash is made of high-quality monofilament fishing line from 0.10 to 0.12 mm. Its length is 20 cm, and with a weak bite, it is 25 cm. In stock, it is also worth having leashes with a diameter of 0.08-0.09 mm – they can be useful if the crucian is too capricious.

Hooks, as usual, are selected according to the type and size of the bait. Hooks No. 16-18 are suitable for bloodworms and maggots, hooks No. 14 can be used for worms and plant baits. As for the distribution of sinkers over the fishing line, it is best to divide the whole load into two parts – this way the equipment is less confused. Large pellets or olive take the bulk of the weight, and additional small pellets and sub-containers ship the float to the exact level. And make sure that the distance from the sub-lead to the first sinker is greater than from the replant to the hook, otherwise there will be constant overlaps and tangles of the fishing line when casting. The descent of the float is set so that the bait lies on the bottom, or rather, on the bait carpet. When fishing with Bologna gear it is very important to accurately feed the fishing area. It is more convenient to do this with the help of a slingshot. As with fly fishing, you need to be very careful with pre-feed.


In strong winds or when crucian carp is kept at such a distance from the coast that distant casting does not help, the feeder comes to the rescue. First you need to decide how much your feeder gear is suitable for catching lake or pond crucian. A powerful rod of a heavy and especially super-heavy class requires for the full casting, and just to "hold" the bottom, the use of heavy feeders. After all, as a rule, the lower test of rods of this class is very high. They are completed with tops, the “lightest” of which have a test of two, or even three ounces. That is, fully working with small feeders of 5-10 grams feeders of this class do not allow. A heavy feeder is, firstly, a loss of sensitivity, and secondly, the danger that even on a not too silty bottom the feeder will simply “sink”. And what can we say about water strikes during casting. Crucian carp is generally cautious, and even more so in visited reservoirs.

Therefore, for effective fishing on crucian ponds and lakes, it is better to focus on pickers or feeder rods of a light or middle class. For some reason, many people think that a longer feeder requires a heavier feeder. In fact, the casting distance directly depends on the structure and length of the rod and on the correctly selected weight of the feeder in relation to the tip test. Everything is as in a spinning: overload only interferes with casting. I think few people would think of throwing a stick with a dough up to 1 ounce of a jig weighing 2 ounces. The same with the feeder. It’s stupid to put a ounce top and throw a feeder weighing 20-30 g. It is better that, on the contrary, there is a small supply. For example, for tops with 1 ounce test, feeding troughs weighing 5-10 grams are sufficient, no more.

The optimal feeder length is 3-3.3 m, but sometimes a rod and a longer one, for example 3.6 m, may be required. Pickers and light feeders are usually small in length, most often from 2 to 3 meters. But there are longer ones. For example, the British company Fox has a picker 3.6 meters long, with a test of up to 21 grams. Such sticks are very long-range. "Fox" picker easily throws a 5-gram feeder under 80 meters. As for the installation of equipment, then, of course, the easiest option is with an anti-twist. But simple does not mean good. In my opinion, the use of an anti-twist is justified, rather, on a river with a noticeable course.

On bodies of water with stagnant water, the so-called asymmetric loop is preferable. But along with the advantages of this installation option, there are also disadvantages. These are, first of all, frequent overlaps. To reduce the likelihood of overlap, the use of a stiffer and thicker fishing line with a diameter of 0.30 mm or more is required in installation, and, as a consequence, coarsening of the tackle. If for fishing in large reservoirs this is not very significant, then for the Karasin lake and even in autumn it is very undesirable. Therefore, it is better to use a fishing line with a diameter of 0.25-0.28 mm for mounting equipment. Very good if it will be fluorocarbon.

For the feeder of the light class, as the main one, I use a monophilic feeder or match fishing line of a dark color, preferably sinking, with a diameter of 0.14-16 mm. If the middle class feeder is 0.18 mm. Leashes – from 0.09 to 0.12 mm. The leash length is selected empirically. The more active the fish, the shorter the leash, and vice versa: the worse the bite, the longer and thinner the leash. It is better to use special fishing lines produced, for example, by Maver or Colmic. These woods have excellent characteristics in terms of softness, elasticity, and knot strength. Do not save on hooks. Again, it is better to take special ones for fishing with a feeder. For example, Mustad, although they are not cheap. The size of the hooks is nos. 14-16.

As for feeding, as practice shows, it is better to feed the fishing zone once, making a dozen castings with a larger feeder. Additional feeding may need three to four hours later – it depends on the activity of the crucian carp.

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