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With a donkey on a hot night. Part 2

With a donkey on a hot night. Part 2Livestock tackle. Donka, intended for night fishing for live bait, must have an inertia-free or inertial reel. Rod is better to take a length of 2.1-2.5 m with a test value from 20 to 150 g. If the current allows you to catch with not too heavy a load, then it is enough to take a strong spinning rod. If you are caught at a great distance from the shore, and even on a fast current, then it is better to take a reliable feeder rod. Fishing rods (from 2 to 5) should be placed on special supports, better tripods, which are more stable on the ground. I hang a bell on the line of an abandoned donkey near the tip by means of a piece of a short thick-walled tube, at the edges of which I cut special fixing grooves with a knife. The bell is attached to the straw with a wire. It will signal the angler about any, even minimal bite.

The main line with a diameter of 0.38-0.4 mm. If there is a threat of hooks, then you can take the line and stronger. However, we must bear in mind that the thick fishing line blows strongly over. Equipment for fast flow with one or two leads attached to the carabiner, fixing the flat sliding sinker. If the flow is not strong, then in addition to the leash going below the sinker, you can tie one leash above the sinker. Pike-perch hooks No. 1-3, burbot – No. 1, chub – No. 3, ide – No. 4.

Poklevka and vyvazhivanie fish. Biting a large bream is almost always a smooth, wide pull with the subsequent weakening of the fishing line or its sagging (this means that the bream raised the feeder). Cutting should be done either at the moment of a strong weakening of the fishing line, or with the next pull. Gustera pecks fractionally, and you need to catch a longer tension line to make hooking. Almost the same peck white eye. Chub and ide, confidently trying the bait, resolutely seize it, which is demonstrated by tightening the fishing line. If pikeperch, chub, ide is caught on live bait, then the bite is always fixed with a confident pull. When vyvazhivanii large fish leash cliffs occur most often in the vast shallow water with a fast over. Therefore, in such areas should be especially vigilant and in time to soften fish jerks.

Equipment and equipment. As lighting devices, it is most convenient to have special gas burners, one charge of which is enough for one or two nights of fishing. Suitable for night fishing also special petrol lights such as "fly whose mouse." Lighting devices must be at least two if more than two donocs are used. Install lights near the extreme rods. Abandoned donks should not be far from each other, otherwise the tips will be poorly lit. If necessary, in the middle of the rods prepared for fishing, you can put a third lantern. To bait the nozzle well lit, you need to have a headlamp flashlight. It is fixed on the headdress on a wide stretch strap.

Zevnik and extractor are required, because in the night it is difficult to free the fish from the hook without any available tools. It is necessary to have a special folding case with sections for different snap-ins. Using heavy equipment for fishing on the Oka, where the current is strong, I came up with putting them each separately in a plastic bag, and then putting them on the bottom of a bucket placed in a special bag. Near the equipment bucket is a capacious container for coils and bells. This method of laying allows you to quickly pack gear or equip rods with them. It is important only before packing gear, thoroughly dry them in the wind. In early spring, when going fishing, you should not forget about warm waterproof clothing and, if possible, use special fishing overalls.

What you need to take more. Fishing will never be a spare dry socks. A tent or awning installed on the shore near the gear will help to shelter from the weather. An important attribute of the angler is a convenient landing net with a wide neck for capturing large fish. As a stand under the rod you can use a telescopic flier, which is used when fishing with conventional float rods. However, it must be made of a highly durable metal, since when fishing with donks, especially on the course, a large load falls on this part. Other necessary accessories of the donor are a slingshot for feeding the fishing spot, a set of plastic dishes for mixing feed, a comfortable folding chair or high chair. Well, if you go for a predator, then for catching live bait you will need a kana and a minnowwoman.

author: Goryainov AG
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