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Winter suits Alaskan NewPolar and Alaskan Kiana

Winter suits Alaskan NewPolar and Alaskan KianaWith the onset of winter, many anglers put off their gear until next spring and remain at home, warm with their memories of past fishing in open water. Many do not suspect that in winter fishing is no less exciting and diverse than in summer. In winter, nature opens up to our eyes another beauty, and you can enjoy winter landscapes with no less comfort than in summer. The main reasons for refusing ice fishing are frost, snow and wind. But now in the fishing world there are completely different times, and modern technologies and materials have come to our aid. Heavy sheepskin coats and felt boots are gone, and their place was taken by the warm, light materials from which modern clothes are made.

Now being in nature and doing your favorite hobby is much nicer. The main thing is to choose the right equipment, and then no weather will spoil fishing with your tricks! In this article we will talk about the winter suits Alaskan NewPolar and Alaskan Kiana, which have already passed multiple trials in the winter and were used in various weather conditions.

Alaskan NewPolar Costume

This suit is the warmer version of the two. Manufacturers declared operating temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. I have never been able to fish at this temperature, but at -27C I felt comfortable. The material used in this suit is SYNTHETIC DOWN. Let me explain what it is. Synthetic insulation is made using polyfiber. These fibers do the same work as natural fluffs and feathers – they retain heat – but unlike products made from natural insulation, products with synthetic fibers are more waterproof and able to retain heat even when wet, and they are much lighter. AERO-TEX fabric is used as the outer material; externally, it looks like cotton, although it consists of 100% polyamide. At the same time, the fabric is very strong, does not absorb moisture, dries quickly, and is resistant to bending.

It is also worth noting that this material has breathable and moisture-removing properties that provide comfort in various weather conditions. And the last thing used in making the costume is a fleece lining. Fleece is a hypoallergenic material that perfectly retains heat and removes moisture. Here's a quick look at the modern materials that make the costume warm and light. In such a suit it is easy to move around, it does not constrain movements and perfectly protects from frost, wind, snow and even rain, which often happens in the middle lane in winter. Agree, these are wonderful qualities! By picking Alaskan NewPolar consists of a jacket and semi-overalls, for the convenience of transportation and storage, manufacturers have provided a bag. For my part, I note that on long trips it is very convenient to transport clothes compactly packed.

Last but not least, the most important thing to add is the experience of using this costume. It is sewn very efficiently and thoughtfully, the designers have provided the ability to adjust individual parts of the suit to the particular shape. The jacket has side zippers to adjust the width of the lower part, an inner wings to adjust the volume. High collar and a warm, adjustable hood that protects you from strong winds and snow. The inner protective skirt will not allow cold air to enter under the jacket. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the sleeves have been changed in the new Alaskan NewPolar costume models: now they have an internal elastic cuff, they have a Velcro strap removed and the sleeves now look like in an Alaskan Kiana costume. This solution is much more convenient than before. Now in the new version of the suit, the fishing line will not cling to Velcro.

The semi-overalls have an adjustment of straps for fitting in height, adjustment along the waistline for adjusting the fullness and adjustment of the leg width at the bottom – this allows you to put on your pants over your shoes or tuck the legs inside the shoe. The semi-jumpsuit has a high back almost to the armpits, which is an excellent protection for the lower back, even when squatting. Legs in the knees have reinforcement and an additional insert – for athletes this is definitely a huge plus. And the main thing that I really like in this suit is the presence of a large number of pockets: inside, sunken and overhead. You can store the phone, bloodworms, not being afraid to freeze it, and other little things that should be at hand during fishing. Alaskan NewPolar – a wonderful suit for fishing in harsh winters!

Costume Alaskan Kiana

The second costume is Alaskan Kiana. I believe that a winter-angler should have both of the costumes discussed in this article. Alaskan Kiana is the younger brother of Alaskan NewPolar, so to speak. Kiana is made of the same materials, but has a smaller amount of insulation, so it has different operating conditions. According to the stated data, the suit can be operated at temperatures up to -25C. I put on Kiana in a thaw or in slight frosts, somewhere down to -6-10C. Such a warm suit as NewPolar, with thaws, is useless, it will be hot in it, but Kiana just right. Due to the smaller amount of insulation, the suit turned out to be even easier and more convenient, while retaining all its qualities in protecting against wind and rainfall.

According to the configuration, Kiana consists of a jacket and semi-overalls, that is, just like a warmer option. The difference from the first suit is a longer cuff on the sleeves with a slot under the finger, so you can do without a glove. Lack of insertion in the knees. And not so many pockets. But also those that are, are quite enough for everything necessary. I hope that now that there is an idea of ​​winter suits, many fishermen who did not dare to go fishing in the winter before, will nevertheless decide. And I’m sure they won’t regret it when they catch their first perch on a spoon-bait, or the first pike on a vent, or catch wonderful bream. Also, this information will be useful to experienced fishermen who are looking for a comfortable and practical suit, tested by time and weather.

author Vitaliy Kolotovkin


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