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Winter crucian on polyfoam

Winter crucian on polyfoamNozzles – an eternal theme in the circles of anglers of different orientations: covetous, carp, and crucian carp. They can tell trustworthy people a lot of unusual stories, something like catching crucians for cutting from rattan or roach from ice to lard. We ourselves saw how anglers, sitting at a distance of several steps from each other, almost at the same time took carp – for a piece of beef liver, and sturgeon – for corn. It’s good that we were able to film the subsequent synchronized fight: many listeners tend to doubt the veracity of this story. What attract various fish so unsuitable for them, from the point of view of anglers, nozzles? This remains a mystery, although there are some reasons, of course.

In any case, all of the above nozzles have at least one common property: they are edible. However, the unpredictability of the success of targeted fishing with such baits makes us refuse to experiment with them. Another thing is one unusual bait for crucian carp: it works stably not only in warm but also in cold water. This is confirmed by the footage of a small winter photo shoot on the shores of the Warm Pond in Kozhuhovo, which has long become a kind of training ground for urban anglers. Bottom gear on Teply have always been widely practiced, especially in night fishing for carp. I must say that he comes across very good here, and in the last three years he has been caught under and even for the top ten no, no and even will please the fishermen. But the main catch is nevertheless crucian carp.

A lot has been written about the sophistication of the taste preferences of crucian carp, but much more is told in the circles of crucian carp. This is understandable: not every publication that cares about its reputation will risk telling about the benefits of flavored bait and nozzles with kerosene, garlic, and even refined perfumes. However, most fishermen, including Moscow, seek happiness not in exotic additives, but in improvised means. The use of one of them, which we have repeatedly witnessed at the Warm Pond, amazes the imagination of even sophisticated anglers. Here, local donors when fishing for crucian carp use material with … trash as a nozzle: this is a soft, loose, easily crumbling packaging foam. Dense and rigid foam, which goes to the floats, is not suitable here. On the hook, and not a small one, usually No. 4-5 according to the domestic designation, as a rule, one ball of packing foam is inserted. The hook tip is usually pulled out and left open.

The entire installation consists of several short leashes on the main fishing line, a feeder and a yoke with two leashes lying on the bottom. At each casting, the feeder is loosely packed with millet porridge. She lures carp, and for some reason he pecks on polystyrene foam. It is also difficult to explain how I catch the same crucian on the French “Mystic” with a strong smell of acetone. Okay, Mystic smells, and polystyrene? In general, packing foam balls are widely used on the Volga as a nozzle when fishing for bream in the stream. The effectiveness of this nozzle is explained by a very attractive play of a white ball in a stream of water. But at least there is a current on the Volga, but what on the Warmth? They tried to use a foam ball with float tackle. The result is this: after a couple of weak pokes, the carp is no longer suitable for polystyrene. So with bobbers this bait did not go. But on the bottom tackle, the styrofoam ball, nicknamed the "mandula", is still working properly, and crucian carp are larger than any other nozzles.

The donors themselves represent fishing on a mandala like this. The crucian comes up and collects the grains of porridge that have fallen from the feeder, at the same time grabs the foam ball and, making sure of its inedibility, tries to spit it out. The fishing idea worked on the preparation of millet porridge of such a consistency that it more freely fell out of the feeder, creating a feeding spot on the bottom. The tactics of fishing included the method of pulling up the feeder by 8-10 cm, as a result of which a couple of feed spots are connected. In the last two years, the warmth pond donors began to abandon the rocker arm, shorten the leashes and reduce the number of hooks to two. It was experimentally established that it is best to bite when one pellet is planted, and not two, and its optimal size is 3 mm.

In order to overcome the static electricity that clings the foam granules into a difficult to separate lump, Moscow natural scientists began to drip sunflower oil in a box with a mandula. After several shakes, the contents of the oiled inside the box becomes, as they say, a grain of one grain: the wind does not blow them out when the nozzle is used, as it was before, and a ball with an oil smell attracts fish more. The primitiveness of signaling devices, bells or plumb bob does not reduce the effectiveness of fishing: usually the bites of a crucian carp are so decisive that self-cutting occurs.

Sometimes feeders come to Teply pond and catch it great. But it happens quite rarely. Regular visitors of Teply are not in a hurry to master modern methods of fishing: they have everything very well and so on. The main thing is faith in one’s tackle, knowledge of the reservoir and the ability to see and understand something that eludes the traditionally conservative view of fishing.

authors Andrei SIDOROV, Evgeny SIDOROV


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