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William Williams Wabler W10

William Williams Wabler W10The features of this series of spinners should include their unique coating. It is made of pure technical silver or gold (more than 20 carats), and may have a mixed version. The company, along with ultra-lightweight ultralight models with a length of 25 mm and a weight of about 1 g, also produces more universal spinners with a length of 90 mm. But the authors opted for lightweight models of a well-known company, considering them a catchy piece product in its weight range that has no competitors. The insignificant thickness of the spinners of this model, and therefore their strength characteristics, to some extent, are compensated by the stiffener, without which the surface of the spinner would be deformed if the fingers were lightly pressed.

Many inexperienced anglers question the very right to the existence of these models, considering them frankly stupid in constructing baits only on the basis that they are very lightweight and therefore capricious in fishing. Most often, such reasoning comes from anglers who either simply could not pick up and build gear for fishing with lightweight spinners, or did not put them into practice at all. But as they say: “Everything ingenious is simple”. For catching with Williams lightweight spinners, spinning from the Super Ultra Light (SUL) category is required, the test corridor of which does not go beyond (0.7-3 g) (0.8-3.5 g ); (1-3.5 g). Such models have been produced by well-known manufacturers of spinning rods for several years, and the undisputed leader is Shimano, which, incidentally, introduced the name Super Ultra Light. I settled on the choice of spinning in the class (SUL) only because in all other cases, the Williams W10 spinners will not “come to life” during the game, and they simply will not fly to the distance necessary for fishing. The expression "cheap and cheerful" applicable to fishing rods for lightweight spinners, in principle, is not suitable.

Spinning rods with tests (1–7 g), (1–12 g) are best left at home, as you will not be able to pick up a key for lightweight spinners. The design feature of these spinners does not allow the use of additional weighting elements of equipment such as swivels with lead plates and equipment with various kinds of harnesses. With the right choice of spinning, fishing line and light ultralight reel, the Williams W10 spinners become unique in terms of catchability, bait, oddly enough, with a confident or even persistent game usually inherent in heavier models of oscillating spinners. Moreover, the spinner attracts a predator both on a rather powerful decoupling stream (the spinner ideally copies the movements of small fish) and in bodies of water without a current.

At least the fact that the capricious pond trout reacts to them more readily than the movement of its daily feed (shallow tops) speaks of the catchability of the bait. The most insurmountable problem when fishing is that the Williams Wabler W10 spinners adore small squids weighing up to 150-200 g. And installing even the thinnest special leash negatively affects the game of the bait. Therefore, it is necessary to give general advice: it is advisable to use spinners in ponds where trout or perch live, since the loss of an expensive bait hurts the angler’s pocket.

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