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Two days at the Vasuj reservoir

Two days at the Vasuj reservoirWhile long holidays are ahead, it usually seems that there is enough time and things to redo, and go fishing for a few days. When the holidays arrive, it turns out that time, as always, is not enough for everything. But do not miss the opportunity to catch plenty! Throw everything and go. In any case, my friends and I did – we went to the Vazuzskoye reservoir, in the Dubinino area. On the way, they wondered what awaits us – the first ice or the deaf earth. The question is not at all idle. The perch, including large perch, is excellent for catching ice in Vazuz, but the scavenger is very poorly taken, and you can not even dream of a bream. But, when the ice thickness approaches 20 cm, everything changes: the perch somehow wilts, but the linen becomes noticeably more active.

Vazuza – a pond is not too large in area, but very elongated, ice in different parts does not rise at the same time. In the Dubinino area, as far as we knew, they began to catch from ice only after December 25th. So during the holidays it was quite possible to capture the ice with perch fun, but, given that there was a decent frost, the ice could have time to build up. We presented the peculiarities of the reservoir, so our first question asked upon arrival to the fisherman’s neighbor was very simple: “Does the bait take?” The answer puzzled a little: “Both the bait and the perch.” You have never encountered such a thing here before.

There are two days of fishing ahead, and I wanted to shine and perch, and to put the girders, and, of course, to catch the scavenger, and if you're lucky, then a bream. My long-time partner Mikhail is an inveterate spinner: when he takes a perch, even a small one, he throws another fish and catches a striped fish, and if he takes a pike or pike perch on a spinner … So we started with him with a spinner. The third member of our small company Cyril, decided to go bream. Finding perch in reservoirs is now more difficult than in summer. The water level is three meters below the summer meter, all the shallows and reed beds were far on the shore. I had to trust Michael and go to his treasured points. In the first "secret" place, to which we walked about a mile and a half on ice covered with snow, there was no perch at all: not a single bite in any of the 20 drilled holes.

“Oh, late, ice under twenty centimeters,” sighed Mikhail. – It's time for the scavenger to sit down. However, let's get to the second point, it’s not so far, around the bend. ” I really wanted to catch perch, so I agreed, although perhaps in vain. It turned out to be the third point about three kilometers. When we finished drilling two rows of holes, the back was wet. This did not please me at all: it was very easy to freeze in a 15-degree frost. Good thermal underwear helped out: not cheap, but it coped with its task – after a quarter of an hour I was completely dry. The second point was next to a rather large island at the confluence of the Vazuza and Gzhati rivers. Mikhail said that on the one side of the island there passes the main channel with depths up to 10 m, and on the other – a shallower channel, where perch gathers in large schools along the first ice. About ten minutes later my partner joyfully pulled a perch in this duct per gram for three hundred. It was inspiring.

Having drilled holes, he began a thorough search for light bait. Neither one and a half meters, nor 2.5 perches were found. Bites began only at a depth of 4 m in the very middle of the duct. Because of the frost, I had to play with very short strokes, otherwise the fishing line touched the edge of the hole and instantly froze. Very well, the perch reacted to the stepped spinner. After the swing up, the bait did not return to the previous point, but stopped halfway, and from this level the next swing up was performed – and so on up to a meter from the bottom. Above bites ceased.

Judging by the support, the perch was very active and sharply attacked the bait. There were many idle hooks, as if the perch was just playing with the bait. I tried mormyshka with a bloodworm, but quickly refused: I took the perch deeply, and getting the bait in a 15-degree frost is an extremely unpleasant thing. He began to put bloodworms on the bait hook. Perhaps, the bites did not become more frequent, but there were almost no single hooks. Probably, the perch was now aiming at bloodworms and therefore easily hooked. Fishing was gambling, but every 10 minutes, or even more often, the line had to be cleaned of frozen ice beads. Unfortunately, the first 300-gram perch remained the largest, and then 100 grams were caught on average, so although we caught about fifty striped for two, the weight of the catch was small. But this did not upset us: the pleasure of fishing was clearly more.

Returning to Dubinino, we met with Cyril. His catch puzzled us a little: one scammer for five hundred grams. While we were discussing the prospects for the next day on the ice, a small company appeared next to us, sitting all day in tents. We talked. It turned out that their catch was small, but there was almost no trifle, the scavenger came from 250 grams. There was about an hour and a half before dark, and I decided to go fishing in the holes left. They were drilled only "hundredth" and are located very close to each other. He lifted the first scavenger easily, but the second confused two fishing rods. There was no time to unravel, I had to get a spare. Apparently, in the evening the fish went larger: the third scavenger squeezed into the hole with difficulty and had to be taken for the gills in the water. It’s difficult to plant bloodworms at dusk, and I put the rest of the brush into the hole.

A clear bite, hooking, fighting, an attempt to get into the hole. Finally, the face of a pretty decent scam appeared. He walked into the hole with difficulty, but a mormyshka jumped out of his mouth. For a moment, we both froze, then I threw off the mitten and still managed to grab the fish in the water by the gills. The hole managed to freeze, and the scavenger did not pass through the narrowing. The hand slipped from his head, and the bream, without turning around, left. It's a shame, of course, but the main thing is that the fish was here, and there was almost a whole day ahead.

The next morning we were all at this place. The weather has changed a bit; it didn’t get colder, but the wind, though not strong but steady, rose, so I had to put up tents. Cyril and I were sitting in one big one, and Mikhail was a little off to the side in the small one. After abundant feeding, the fish came up only after an hour. The nod sometimes moved slightly, sometimes trembled, but did not bend. Then the bites nevertheless began, but the scavenger took only on mormyshka and only on thin fishing line. I stood 0.11 mm, Cyril had 0.14 mm, and I pecked noticeably more often, although between our holes there was no more than a meter. The scammer was clearly passive.

As often happens, when you take up one fishing rod, you will certainly bite on the other. And so it happened: a nod went up. After hooking, it feels like it's empty, so I lower the fishing rod back. But the fishing line never goes into the hole. Take out – sitting 200 gram bait. Apparently, the fish, cut and raised half a meter from the bottom, did not even try to sail. Despite a very sluggish bite, we managed to catch a couple of dozen and a half scavengers from 200 to 400 grams in the morning for a couple. Michael caught a little worse; probably affected by the fact that his more powerful tackle, designed for bream, guarded smaller fish.

And although for all the long holidays fishing managed to stay very long, the impressions were good. It is not clear whether the dead end began, but the scammer on Vazuz takes it quite properly, even on not the most successful days, and most importantly – a very small “lavrushka”, very pestering last year, disappeared.

author Nikolay CHEVTAIKIN


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