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Time to catch a burbot. Part 2

Time to catch a burbot. Part 2

Necklaces and fishing tactics

In the Moscow region and the surrounding areas, they usually go with bastards for burbot. One can understand such a fisherman – burbot in our area is far from an abundant amount, but sometimes a couple of other specimens in catches happen. In winter, as never before at other times, it is important to consider the characteristics of fishing. Take, for example, February. Most often this is a month of snowfall and snowstorms. Therefore, the requirements for gear are as follows (I mean, first of all, a winter lantern). I do not advise exhibiting zergliyas in which the rack is replaced by a wooden stick lying across the hole. Fishermen usually do this for camouflage purposes.

But here's the thing. You put a dozen of such zergirls and went to sleep in the village or at the fishing base, and at night the snow fell and a blizzard broke out. What will happen to your gear in this case? They will be swept by snow so that it will be impossible to find. And if several burbots “sit” on hooks, all of them will inevitably die. Another point. Zergelniks with fishing lines 15–20 m long on ice forest spreaders are exposed along or among the snag. And in the morning – a series of deaf hooks and the loss of equipment and trophies. In this case, the length of the fishing line on the under-ice afforestation should be such that after biting the burbot had only a meter and a half free play. Moreover, burbot bite is very peculiar. Grabbing live bait or other bait, he does not rush, but stands in one place and gradually sucks prey, and quite deeply. That guarantees the absence of descent during its further movement.

The zherlitz itself is extremely simple. A metal or wooden stand 36-38 centimeters long, a coil of solid foam with wound fishing line and a bite signaling device – a spring with a flag. This is the case if you are fishing in the thaw. In frosty weather, the coil is removed and a cord with an under-ice spreader is attached instead. Hooks are best used single or double. Zhivets is a small ruff, carp, etc. The fish should lie at the bottom or swim 5-10 cm from it. In this case, zander can take it. As mentioned above, the nocturnal predator is even nocturnal, that after dark it leaves its shelters and goes in search of prey along the favorite "paths", which, of course, you need to know. That’s why sometimes it happens that out of all your vents, only one or two fall on such a “path” and the bites follow one after another, while the rest of the gears are inactive. In this case, you need to try to shift the vents so that they are on the "path".

And further. I would like to advise novice amateur fishermen not to get this fish with all sorts of primitive supplies, disguised and left on ice without checking for ten or more days. As a rule, such tactics do not lead to anything good. Winter is winter. Today the thaw, tomorrow there is a plentiful layer of snow, or even snow blows on the ice. It sweeps snow and it’s not easy to find them, and you should not expose the burbot that has sat on the hook to prolonged stress. This is not only not humane, but also affects the quality of dishes prepared from such fish.


In my opinion, the most sporty and fascinating sheer glimpse of burbot. Any winter fishing rod intended for catching pike perch or pike on a spinner is quite suitable for burbot fishing. The main difference is in the snap.
A. At the end of the main fishing line, a rather heavy (10–15 g) Uralskaya mormyshka or jig-head is tied, the hooks of which are equipped with fry (tops, bitter beets, smelts), as well as strips of fish fillet. You can use fresh-frozen fish, including sea fish. The game consists in smooth twitching of the bait at the very bottom with pauses of 8-10 s., During which the mormyshka lies at the bottom or sways slightly, raising dregs.
B. As an artificial bait, a silver or golden lure weighing 15-30 g with two single soldered hooks No. 1-2, on which a small ruff, gudgeon or other fish is mounted, is used. Swings with a fishing rod should not be too strong, and the baits should be well planned. After a free fall, the bait is lowered to the bottom, withstanding pauses, as when fishing in mormyshka. This equipment is more suitable for catching a large predator, weighing more than two kilograms.
B. The most effective combination bait. It consists of the so-called undergrowth (oscillating spinner, pilker), to which a leash of 20-25 cm in length with a single hook or tee is attached, small strips of fish fillet, fry, worm lobe, offal, etc. are attached to the hooks. Shine at the bottom, with pauses. A good effect is given by periodic tapping of the lure against the bottom.
The fishing line can be used as monophilic (diameter 0.3-0.4 mm) and braid (0.12-0.15 mm). Its reserve on the reel should be at least 50 m, taking into account the fact that it is often necessary to catch in strong places where dead hooks are a common phenomenon. Under the weight of the bait, the fishing line should freely run off the spool, this will allow you to quickly catch the holes. When fishing with a twinkle, it is necessary to have 5-6 completely prepared leashes in stock, which are attached to the spinner through a snap hook or ring.

Fishing features

I caught my first winter burbot on baubles when fishing … pike perch. It was at the Rybinsk reservoir. Returning already at dusk from the Volga open spaces, I drew attention to two local fishermen who flashed at the exit of the Red Stream. Near one of the holes, a weighty bumpy tail spanked tiredly.
“Couldn't you join me?” I asked, pulling out an earthen bottle of vodka from a fishing box.
“Pour it over the old man and play it,” answered the older one. And he explained: – In this evening, fanged predators often come into this hollow. The fry is nemeri here …

Mindful of fishing ethics, I nevertheless moved fifty meters away from them and drilled a few holes. I put the pike perch and caught pike perch, and as a result, after about half an hour, I left the ice with a burbot of 1.5 kg. This case once again suggests that a hungry burbot can be taken both on pike perch, and on pike, and on another lure without a natural attachment. True, “abusing” this, as I was convinced in the future, is not worth it. The fact is that burbot detects a potential victim not only due to the lateral line, but also due to the very heightened sense of smell and taste buds. That's why fishing with combined lures (artificial plus natural) is most effective. The first attracts a predator to the hole, the second causes his appetite. As for the game, there are more than enough opportunities for the experiment.

And first of all, this is a combination of such methods of wiring as the planning movement of the spinner during its free fall, sometimes from a height of up to 1 m or more, its periodic tapping on the ground, moving at the bottom, short broaches to the side. Sometimes, after a series of such tricks, the grip follows a fixed bait hanging 5-10 cm from the bottom. A nod is not required, since you will feel the bump of a burbot through the rod perfectly. In other cases, the predator hangs on the hook at the time of the next swing with the fishing rod after a pause. The burbot has a rather large and hard mouth, so you need to hook it sharply.

If you want to thoroughly deal with a night predator, it is better to search for it in a friendly company of 3-4 people. It often happens that after the first burbot caught it is possible to detect an accumulation of this fish. And then fishing, of course, delivers unforgettable moments. Of the additional accessories you must have a flashlight, a yawning machine, an extractor (or tweezers), and, of course, a reliable cut-out, which you can not do without.

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