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The whims of spring roach

The whims of spring roachWinter is not going to give up this year. This is the second decade of April, and we continue to catch from the ice. Of course, you can now go on the ice not anywhere. The most stable reservoirs, which in some years hold some kind of ice cover almost until May, are ponds, quiet forest lakes and low-flowing bays. Such reservoirs are full in many parts of Chuvashia, they are even in the very center of Cheboksary. Actually, on the last weekend we went to open the open water season. According to the stories of acquaintances, on one river flowing between Cheboksary and Kazan, on the territory, however, of the Mari Republic, ice recently fell, the water was clear, the level was low, the pike nibble was present.

But when we arrived, the level was higher by a couple of meters, the width more than three times. Crazy current and muddy water – these circumstances left us no chance to catch at least something here, and it was decided to move towards the house. However, no one was going to end fishing so early, and along the way we looked into many different places. They got a shot of adrenaline, but not so much from fishing, as hoped, but from huge frozen puddles of off-road, on which I had to leave half a bumper of a gentle SUV.

As a result, we got into traditional city fishing and caught fish very well in the very center of Cheboksary. In the river port and on the bay, ice has been standing for very long in some years. Fish are mainly caught by old people and kids, but on the last ice is full of ordinary fishermen. In the port, the fish begins to peck in the spring later than in the bay. But in the gulf, ice costs for several days, and sometimes weeks, longer. Now is the time to catch in the bay. The main fish is roach and perch, sometimes very solid in size. Before, crucian hybrid and gnarled fish came across, but now these fish are not found in catches here. The depths are almost everywhere even -2-2.5 m. The local fish keeps in the school in the spring and can find themselves anywhere in the bay, which is quite solid in area.

When we went down to the ice – not without difficulties, by the way: the ice was already off the coast, but we were ready for this and wooded our boots, – so when we went down to the ice, we had a depressing picture: a dozen three fishermen were sitting very boring, their movements were sluggish, and almost no one hooked. The relief of the bottom of the bay is well known to us. I was surprised that everyone was sitting on the shallows and no one was in the deepest place – at the Grill-tonar. We immediately drilled deep. The water here, of course, is already the color of milk, some whitish, full of suspension. We catch non-goat goats, but we hook them on a large bloodworm.

In such rather muddy water, the fish should primarily rely on the sideline and, therefore, better respond to the playing bait. Therefore, I diligently play mormyshka, lifting it up to the bottom edge of the ice, catching all layers of water. However, success is brought by a few jabs of jigsaw on the ground and a fractional rise – 10 cm from the bottom, someone boldly stopped my game. I hook and feel a worthy opponent, who, however, turns out to be a galley of 100-150 grams. The fish behaves in the spring and violently resists fighting. A flesh-tone in the tone of milk-water is whitish.

The peasants sitting nearby in shallow water lazily look in my direction, apparently believing that it was a solitary small fish. And so it happened – there is no more biting. We move along the pit a little more sea. Here the bites from the father begin: he takes three shrips in a row, and all for the game. The fish is active and boldly bends the nods. Periodically I put the mormyshka to the bottom, waiting for the spectacular bites “to rise”, when the sprig lifts the mormyshka from the bottom and bends the nod up. But roach does not pay attention to the mormyshka lying at the bottom. I conclude that in such muddy water, the fish really only reacts to the game. On the descent of the mormyshka suddenly the bottom happened earlier than it should have been, the second – and another carpentry on the hook.

From each hole it turns out to catch 1-3 sorogs, then the hole becomes silent, and no matter how hard you push, there are no more bites. The fish here is some kind of passion. Roach walks in large flocks, but quickly gets scared. There is a descent – and then you can not even try to catch. One or three fish – and the bench is hiding. In addition, we drill a lot, and at such a depth the site quickly “glows”. There is little snow on ice, and the holes cannot be darkened. Therefore, roach soon moves from our nickel. At this point, we are interested in fishers aground. Looking for the next shrub, I notice how several pairs of eyes look at me.

And roaches have another change in mood. Now all the bites are strictly on the stand, and not a single game. Such a radical change in preferences is very characteristic of spring roach. We decide to change the place and move from the drilled area. Here, almost simultaneously, we catch on the carpentry, and this, apparently, becomes "the last branch that broke the back of the camel": a large company is separated from the crowd and, bristling with ice drills, goes exactly at us. City anglers are often shameless and lazy people. I drilled a new hole, but left it on the previous bait. He returned for her, decided to make one control wiring, and while finished, some sort of "Rambo" in black glasses had already taken a new hole. Of course, I shoved him from his place, but an unpleasant aftertaste remained.

In a new place, perches and a bit of roach began to come across. Small perches were caught perches and were entirely dairy males. Females and males, obviously, have already divided and gathered in flocks by gender. On that day some skinny “boys” pecked, while the “girls” either accumulated somewhere else, or did not peck at all. Meanwhile, a handful of fishermen gathered around an impressive. Those who owned the equipment and the right gear began to catch. Kettles in sneakers only got confused under their feet, occupying other people's holes, for which they were immediately punished. Jokes and tricks in such a group are an essential part of fishing.

I decided to move away from all this crowd and sat a little closer to the concrete parapet. The depth here was 30 cm more. For such a shallow pond – a solid pit. As expected, I covered a school of fish here. First, a perch was caught, then a roach 200 grams fell into the stand, and off … Perches came across the game, the roach came to the stand. After another rise in nodding, I hooked and felt something very decent, but I dragged it too confidently and the fishing line was cut off … Pecking stopped immediately. I drilled the whole hole, but the flock from here, apparently, left, scared. Further my searches were in vain. In the evening, the roach did not come out.

There are many ravines in the bay. Some gas rises from the bottom and blurs the ice from below. Such places have the appearance of black spots: the ice is 1-1.5 cm, and this is due to recent night frosts. It would seem that the fish should avoid these gases, but the most catchy holes I had were just in the area near such a ravine. In fact, spring has not yet been felt. Yes, the sun is up to +10, but the wind is still cold, and at night there are such frosts that large puddles the size of a football field are covered with a crust of 2-centimeter ice. But until the end of the third week of the month, ice on the water bodies of Chuvashia will most likely not survive.

And the main conclusions on spring fish are as follows:
– very shy and capricious;
– muddy water – no reason to be upset;
– in muti it is better caught for the game, but if a feeding place is found, then it is also caught from the bottom (especially roach);
– keeps on any one level, and displacement from it is fraught with the termination of bites;
– the best lures – non-attachable double-hook mormyshki, but with reptile reeling.
Good luck at the end of the season and God forbid not to fail!

author Sergey SEMENOV

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