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Spinning lures. Part 1

Spinning lures. Part 1

Oscillating baubles

When fishing with a spinning reel, a lot depends on the right choice of bait in each case. The ability to navigate a huge variety of spinning lures is the main guarantee of success in fishing. At one time, the use of hairline boilies in carp fishing became a real sensation, if not a revolution. Something similar happens in spinning. In bodies of water often visited by spinningists, and especially where they are caught on the principle of "caught – released," predatory fish "get used to" the traditionally used baits and treat them with extreme caution. Hence the indestructible craving of both fishermen and factory manufacturers to invent and search for fundamentally new solutions. Regarding the great variety of spinning lures and difficulties in choosing them, I would say the following: the devil is not so terrible as he is painted.

Usually, domestic reference books on fishing in the “Spinning Lures” section begin to educate the reader, as a rule, by talking about hesitating baubles. In a sense, this is justified, since the Russian spinning began precisely with fishing on a teeter. And today, this bait has not lost its relevance. No matter what the hot heads predicted, it is too early to send the swinging spoon-bait as a type of bait into the closet. It is obvious. Moreover, with full confidence we can talk about the positive results of the modernization of this type of bait. It is expressed in improving the geometry, increasing or decreasing mass, in the use of various inserts such as eyes or beads, special coatings, for example, using Flash technology (gloss), etc. Special bimetallic spinners with electric potential occupy a special place. Among domestic spinners, the most popular are Atom, Gaming, Neman, Toby, Miraculous, and some others.

A good oscillating lure during posting accurately simulates the movement of a live fish. The wiring can be uniform (in a given horizon) and stepwise. It is important to choose the bait that is most suitable for certain fishing conditions. Consider this requirement on the features of the application of a particular spinner. Blue Fox, for example, produces an oscillating lure called Trixee. The unusualness of this bait is that with a length of 75 mm and a width of 20 mm it weighs only 7 g. The lightweight design, however, allows you to use it in various conditions. For the spinner is equipped with a single hook, designed for fishing in combination with a dead fish or a piece of it, a large creep, twister, vibrotail, octopus and so on. The spinner with a hook is practically not susceptible to hooks. It can be caught both in overgrown shallow waters and in deeper places.

Trixee is available in two colors: silver and gold, with brightly glowing red or blue plastic inserts. Such an application, according to experts, is especially compelling on Atlantic salmon and trout. Tests of these spinners, carried out by me on ponds near Moscow and in the Volga Delta, showed that this is, above all, an excellent bait for pike. During posting, it is somewhat reminiscent of our "Play". However, a toothy predator sees her from a farther distance, and this indicates that the nature of the microwaves distributed by Trixee is more attractive. In cloudy weather it is better to use silver baubles, on a bright sunny day, pikes prefer a golden bait with a red insert. This is especially true for closed small reservoirs (lakes, quarries, ponds).

If desired, a single hook is easily replaced with a triple one. Spoon-bait is equally suitable for fishing in casting and track (in the presence of a deeper). She has also proven herself in tandem rigs, in combination with other baits. There are spinners that can be called universal. They can be caught in casting, track and plumb (from the boat). These include such vibrators as Professor and Rasanen from Kuusamo, Tobi from Abu Garcia, Silver Creek from Daiwa and some others. I would like to pay special attention to baits with the name Rasanen. Over the past eight years they have brought me many worthy trophies. A fairly extensive family of these oscillating spinners can be divided into four main groups.

• The classic basic model during posting is distinguished by special hydrodynamics, which allows it to be used both for casting and the track. The relatively large size of the bait (length up to 90 mm) and weight 10-28 g are primarily designed for catching a large predator (pikeperch, pike, asp), and a wide range of colors allows the use of such spinners in a variety of conditions.
• Lure-free hooks for fishing in overgrown and shortened sections of the reservoir. This model has two modifications: with a double of rigid fastening and a double attached pivotally through a winding ring. In the first case, the spinner during trolling is characterized by a wider amplitude of oscillations, which gives a good effect when fishing in cold water. In the second case, it is better to use the bait for fishing in casting.
• Lures with eyes / beads. A very interesting version when a small detail is of great importance. Spinner at the same time becomes surprisingly effective. Everywhere where sunlight penetrates into the underwater nooks, its rays, reflected on the edges of a ruby ​​bead, attract the attention of a predator. Large perches, trout and even pike monsters are especially partial to such baits.
• Rasanen with an extra rotating lobe. An excellent bait combining the properties of oscillating and rotating baubles. A kind of tandem, very catchy when hunting salmon, pike and other fish in muddy waters and at dusk. The weight of the bait (13 and 25 g) allows the spinner to make fairly long casts.

The baubles, which were discussed above, no doubt confirm the opinion that it is too early to write off the "glands" in the archive. In particular, in my reservoirs near Moscow, the Rybinsk Reservoir, and in the lower reaches of the Volga, the spinners of this series proved to be excellent earners. Sometimes for greater efficiency it is recommended to additionally equip the oscillating baits with a red plastic petal or twister. As far as this is true, I do not presume to assert. Some spinners can be equipped, and some not. More important than another. Your arsenal should have vibrations (narrow and wide) for shallow water and for depth. Well, and, of course, unengaged, since you often have to catch a predator in “strong” places.

And further. Any spinner needs attention. She needs general care, as well as care before and after each fishing. A thorough inspection and cleaning of the spinners is carried out before the start of the fishing season. After a careful inspection of each spinner, the condition of the spinner body, the winding rings, swivels, hooks and snap hooks is monitored. Rusted or damaged hooks and other small parts must be replaced immediately. A new tee or winding ring is a small price compared to the risk of missing out on possibly a record fish.

author: Kazantsev V.
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