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Rublex spinners

Rublex spinnersRublex is one of the oldest spinners in Europe. Rublex lures, especially at an early stage, had their own distinct style, which could be described as a technical perfection of a complex form, close to a work of art. Indeed, in terms of quality of execution, the petal and core elements are comparable only with the highest quality jewelry. Pay attention to how the Special Celta spinner petal frame is framed and the brand is made. And all this was developed not for lovers of aesthetics, but only for one purpose: to create a unique, fish-attracting game of spinners, including due to the complex shape of the profile, petal and a number of completely unique, unique design solutions, which are protected by patents now.

I must say that the company Rublex has achieved the desired. About thirty years ago, Rublex spinners had no equal in quality and performance in fishing. The spinners possessed a unique fractional active game, provoking to the grip all the predatory fish in its path. Those who are fortunate enough to fish on Rublex spinners are tremendously valued. In the future, the creative path of the company did not develop as successfully as, for example, her colleague for the production of spinners from Mepps. The main problems arose due to the fact that creating high-tech baits requiring significant financial costs has become unprofitable. Competitors pulled ahead for only one reason: their spinners were simpler, and therefore more attractive at a price. There were other reasons that suspended the commercial success of the company, but that was not the point. The situation is now leveling out – Rublex spinners are still popular and indispensable among high-end spinning players.

Spinner Special Celta

Spinner released over thirty-five years ago. A distinctive feature of this bait is the most complicated z-profile with elements of volume perforation around the perimeter, made at the highest technical level. Unlike most baits of a similar design, when fishing on Special Celta spinners, a large number of different speeds are allowed. The spinner is well controlled and does not “walk” on the course. Double deflection of the petal provides an active play of the spinner with a minimum speed of posting on the verge of stall. The spinner is ideal to start, and also additionally attracts fish due to the light play of the inhomogeneous surface of the petal profile. Double deflection of the petal and its complex profile create an additional noise effect, attracting fish in enclosed bodies of water.

Spinner Alta

Spinner released over thirty-five years ago. Its main difference from a number of similar spinners manufactured by competing firms is volume stamping of a profile made at the highest technical level and a hole for the nose loop formed by a side with a rounded chamfer. The shape of the petal of the spinner has no analogues. Spinner has a lively, trembling game that attracts fish such as ide and chub. Many ide fishing experts generally believe that without the Alta lure, a capricious, catching fish in the middle of summer is impossible to catch. And they even say that with the cessation of the release of this model of spinners, the number of these fish has increased markedly. We can say that the fish, having forgotten about the secret weapons of the fishermen, became insolent to some extent and generally ceased to be caught on spinners.

Spinner Celta (modern model)

Against the background of the original, well-thought-out form of the bait, the design decisions of several key spinner assemblies that can provide the angler with enormous practical benefits, and maybe take a different look at the quality of modern lures, are striking.
1. Hook anti-overlapping system. The tee pendant is designed in such a way that it cannot turn back, that is, find itself in the “dead zone”, as it is additionally fixed by an integrated hairpin.
2. The system of anti-overlapping and anti-sticking of the petal in the dead point. The limiter of rotation of the petal eliminates during casting and during posting it is sweeping over the fishing line and always keeps in the working position. This is facilitated by the construction of an inflated staple with a complex shape, which includes a petal rotation limiter.
3. The built-in anti-twist (the swivel is inside) prevents twisting of the fishing line and ensures smooth running of the petal.
4. Holes located along the axis of the petal create a certain noise effect when posting the spinners in bodies of water with a weak current.

Spinner Veltic

In addition to the original shape of the petal, which ensures uninterrupted play both in rivers and in reservoirs without currents at different speeds of wiring, the spinner is equipped with a system that does not allow overlapping of the petal, as well as a reliable design of the tee fasteners, allowing its quick replacement.

Bretton Spinner No. 5

The bait was made over thirty years ago. Lure Bretton can be considered as a bait, unique in every respect. The silk passage of the bait, together with the mirror surface of the petal (silver coating), left in the fools equally easy to see the species of pike and the capricious pike perch. The smooth natural course of the bait caused a sensation that the spinner does not move in the water column, but glides over its surface. The bait equally successfully attracted fish both in the upper layers of water and in deep holes. The perfect assembly, the proportions of all the core elements, as well as the profile of the petal provided the lure with a stable catch under various fishing conditions, and with it the world fame by Bretton.

Spinner Super Cybele

The Super Cybele bait belongs to a number of unique spinners, released more than thirty years ago. Despite the fact that the petal of the spinner resembles the classic Rublex, it has a number of significant differences. The special shape of the Super Cybele spinner petal at the same time resembles the Mepps Aglia and Comet spinner petals and provides a lively, versatile game that attracts fish at all stages of posting, both in rivers and in water bodies without currents.

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