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Rapala Minnow Spoon

Rapala Minnow SpoonWe can say about Rapala Minnow Spoon that it is one of the most effective lures for overcoming water obstacles:
– in the form of a carpet of algae;
– a fairly dense snag;
– flooded shrubs and trees.
Most of the gears for such fishing conditions are not designed. Speaking in the language of motorists about spinners, one thing can be said that this is not just an SUV, but a real brilliant all-terrain vehicle to overcome bottom paths, helping a fisherman in various circumstances. Spinner Rapala Minnow Spoon is not intended to be saved from an accidental hook, namely, fishing in difficult places where hooks are unavoidable when fishing with ordinary spinners.

Subject to certain fishing techniques, the bait can be dragged through the almost insurmountable "jungle" of aquatic vegetation, and the bait lure remains attractive to the fish until it finally gets tangled and collects a large armful of algae around itself. The volumetric bait Minnow Spoon has a very strong body, on which the predator's grip remains almost invisible. The high strength and sharpness of the hook and the extension force of the metal mustache do not greatly alarms the predator during the grip and at the same time protect the bait from 80% of the hooks. A number of Rapala Minnow Spoon models come with baits equipped with a tee, designed primarily for trolling.

The advantages of the spinners include the fact that, not having an active game, they attract fish at different speeds of posting. Oddly enough, the unusual shape of the bait could not stop the flow of “left” products. Under Rapala Minnow Spoon in large quantities are made as mediocre copies of imitations, as well as fantasies on the theme of the famous spinner of unknown origin, but very good quality. The lowest quality is for Chinese-made lures with the Rapala inscription on the packaging. That is why, in order not to spoil the pleasure of fishing and not to be left without a catch, experienced anglers buy branded spinners, despite their cost. As the saying goes, the game is worth the candle.


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