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Mepps oscillating lures

Mepps oscillating lures

Spinner Mepps Timber Doodle

3a, the basis is an old model of Russian baubles, the name has not been preserved. Paradoxical as it may seem, this reliable hitch is not at all appreciated by Russian spinningists, but in vain, since in many cases only it is able to get through the numerous trunks of fallen trees and uprooted stumps. The bait successfully resists hooks in the snag for the following reasons:
– planning in a horizontal position, runs into a snag or branch only with an external heavy plane, which is, in fact, a shield from direct contact with an obstacle.
– a hook with a plastic imitation or a fish, as a rule, does not touch the obstacle at all. In ninety cases out of a hundred, passing through the snag, the fish used as replanting remains intact, not to mention plastic imitations.

Fishing tactics

Having brought the lure to the place of the alleged snag, it is necessary to constantly twitch the tip of the rod. The spinner begins to plan, falling naturally and attractively to the fish even from an insignificant height, and the predator attacks it without delay, wondering how something resembling everyday food managed to get into its lair. Elements of step wiring in this case are obtained by themselves.
Lure Mepps Timber Doodle not faked:
– due to some misunderstanding of its role in modern fishing;
– due to the complexity of installation.
– the price of the original spinner does not scare away the buyer.

Spinner Mepps Syclops

Despite the original design, it should be noted that baits with a similar shape have been used by anglers since time immemorial. The prototype spinners Mepps Syclops had fewer faces, and the profile was simpler. We can say that the Mepps Syclops spinner is a modified version of the old spinner with a multi-faceted S-shaped profile (double deflection) and a stiffener in the tail, giving the bait additional stability while moving in water. The spinners have perfect balance and natural, attracting predator movements at various speeds of posting. But it is especially worth highlighting the game of spinners in a weak current during a free swim (simulating a warring fish falling to the bottom). During a free fall, due to its many faces, the spinner, falling very slowly, creates high-frequency vibrations comparable to the vibration emanating from rotating spinners No. 0-1 when posting on the verge of a petal stall. It is noted that it is at these moments of the game that the capricious predator attacks the bait much more often than with regular high-speed wiring.

Attracting fish and constantly changing combinations of overflow of light and shadow, created by numerous faces, as well as a rough surface under the fish scales. Despite the fact that each lure size in its own way is not replaceable under different fishing conditions, I believe that without lures Mepps Syclops No. 00-0 in recent years, there is nothing to do on civilized bodies of water. Due to its unique free fall game, the bait has become a favorite bait when fishing from ice and plumb from a boat. Unfortunately, the form of this bait is mastered by a number of Asian manufacturers. First of all, when buying a “leftist”, the price should alert you (as a rule, it is 25-30% cheaper than the original). The left Mepps Syclops has differences in profile (it is not so clear) and in light overflow (practically absent). Buying a fake for a well-known spinner (how tempting its price would not be) is not worth it – it does not have a game as such.

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