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Luhr Jensen oscillating spinners. Part 2

Luhr Jensen oscillating spinners. Part 2

Spinner Hobo

The author-developer of the bait is Toni Assetta, a multiple US champion in spinning. An irreplaceable bait for catching areas overgrown with grass and covered with rare snag. The Hobo lure is no different in design from the Timber Doodle lure (Mepps), but due to a more elegant design and a thinner plate at the base, it plans better (more naturally) and longer in time. When falling to the bottom, the spinner game resembles a fluttering butterfly and is able to shift from the discharge point by several meters, for which it received the nickname "tramp". When hooking a hook or a transparent silicone bait, it becomes indispensable for fishing for pike perch and pike. Without replanting a blackfish, the red feather tail, which slows down the speed of the bait and seductively fluctuates, attracts extremely small and medium perch to the spinner.

Spinner Midge Wobbler

The author-developer of the bait is multiple US spinning champion Glen L. Evans. Spinner Midge Wobbler has a sharp, atypical and unpredictable game that matches the name of the spinner (in a free translation it sounds like “unreliable (wrong) midge”). With uniform wiring, it does not fluctuate, constantly shifting from side to side, like most similar baits, but glides at times from time to time on a plane. At the same time, the spinner makes original dives in different directions. How the bait behaves at certain moments of the posting, the fisherman can only guess. But the tactics of fishing boil down to one thing: the lure must be accelerated to a certain speed and put into a free swim. Diving and throwing lures during a pause in the winding of the line sometimes seem unexpected for the angler himself. The spinner, due to its shifted center of gravity and unusual shape, imitates the movements of a pursued wounded fish so accurately that it is ready to jump even ashore so as not to be in the mouth of a predator that the number of grapples on it is many times more than on spinners with a predictable game.

Spinner Hotrod

The author-developer of the bait is Les Davis, a multiple US champion in spinning. Spinner Hotrod is a classic example of a multifunctional fishing lure both in rivers and in bodies of water without currents. A lively and interesting game equally successfully attracts all the predatory fish found on its way. Pike perch, pike, perch can attack the bait equally greedily, depending on the horizon of the wiring. And what is surprising, a fair amount of lures with a similar form and a seemingly similar game, but units can be compared with its effectiveness. This, apparently, is the catch factor for this bait. The name of the bait can be translated as "driver-reckless driver", which to some extent corresponds to the nature of her game. Spoon-baits are produced for all cases of fishing in the weight range from 4.6 g to 28 g. And, surprisingly, all baits of this series are striking in their catchability and are designed, first of all, for catching large fish. On a spinner weighing 7 g with uniform wiring, with slight acceleration, even in civilized bodies of water, such fish as chub and ide are periodically caught. And in the peat bogs of the Meschersky Krai, the Hotrod baubles of the color nickel and weighing 7 g are one of the best lures for pike fishing in numerous lakes and old river rivers. In principle, in order to force the pike to hold his grip, you don’t need to do anything special – spin the reel evenly and occasionally support the spinner with the tip of the spinning rod.

Spinner Needlefish

Spinners in the form of a flat, elongated spoon have been well known to anglers since time immemorial. Similar models at different times produced with a dozen well-known European and American firms. This type of spinner, as a rule, has its own very original stable game, especially during medium strength. But in the “pure” spinning, these spinners are mainly used only in the UL class or ultralight lures. But with one “clean” spinning rod, especially recently, in some cases it is problematic to catch fish, and trolling gear come to the rescue. Spinner Needlefish is also a multi-functional trolling bait. Its versatility, first of all, lies in the fact that with relatively modest dimensions and relative lightness for baits of its class (the company produces models weighing from 0.5 g to 84 g), it perfectly holds the necessary wireline horizon, to some extent corresponding its name "needle fish". And when the speed of the boat increases, it is slightly squeezed out to the surface and does not lose its zest in the game, attracting the attention of a large number of the most diverse predatory fish. At the same time, with all reasonable wiring modes, it remains not only catchy, but also a well-controlled bait.

To make the lure rise to the surface (temporarily switch to a different level of catch), the trolling operator does not need to make any effort, just raise the top of the spinning rod up 0.5–1 m, and the lure will not jump to the surface, like most trolling lures, but will only rise to the necessary fisherman distance from the bottom. With intensive wiring, the bait begins to tremble and bang on the hook the tail metal lobe. When fishing on a model weighing more than 50 g, the vibration of the petal is well transmitted to the tip of even a very powerful rod. About the petal, we can say that this is not a decorative element, but a necessary detail when fishing, additionally attracting the attention of inactive fish. The petal is a kind of indicator, by its vibration you can judge the correct choice of the speed mode of wiring.
The shape of the spinner is such that with just one hanging single hook, the fish manage to get off it quite rarely. In addition, with one hook, the number of hooks for grass and bottom debris is many times reduced, which allows you to fish in difficult places. Therefore, individual anglers boldly reckon the design of the Needlefish spinner with one hook to the category of unhooks.

Kastmaster and Cast Champ spinners by Acme Tackle and Luhr Jensen

Spinner Kastmaster in Russia is an exclusively asp bait. Spoon-bait gave the name of the same name to a number of asp baits of a configuration similar to it. All spinners of this type began to be called castmaster, regardless of the profile, angle or angles of the bevel. In Russia, for many years, single handicraftsmen, and sometimes whole artels, produced spinners with the proud name Kastmaster, not inferior in catchability to their original, which was almost impossible to acquire. But there were only a few such successful models and made them by experienced goldsmiths and craftsmen in one person. We can say that the best examples of handicraft production were more adapted to asp fishing, and therefore were much appreciated by professionals much more than the original.

Many people wonder why a similar situation has developed on the Russian market? The answer is simple: where Kastmaster spinner was invented and introduced into production, there is no asp and never has been. But there is a large-mouthed perch and its many varieties, which Americans love to catch more than anything. For anglers, Luhr Jenson Cast Champ is also highly regarded. In recent years, UL spinners, which in their class are leaders in casting distance, have been very popular with anglers. Nevertheless, the capabilities of Kastmaster spinners, of the indicated companies, are clearly underestimated by Russian fishers. The vast majority of spinning players, as already mentioned, look at them only as asp bait, designed for over-active posting, forgetting that Kastmaster is a multifunctional spinner, including one designed for slow play at the very bottom. Kastmaster smoothly overwhelming is an excellent irritant for predatory fish: pikeperch, pike and perch. The main thing is to experiment a little and choose a key for each of the listed fish.

Spinner Kastmaster is a favorite theme for a flashy imitation. It is mercilessly copied both in Europe and in Asia (we are talking about "left" products indicating the "native" manufacturing company). Moreover, most often Asian firms copy the original just awful, unable to withstand a single basic size. It seems that for a successful sale, some resemblance to the original is enough, including the Acme Tackle inscription, "and the thing is in the hat." And yet, a number of European "average hands" companies produce under the name Kastmaster quite decent baits suitable for fishing. But in order to enjoy fishing, of course, you must purchase the original spinners of well-known companies.

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