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Kuusamo Professor-3 oscillating lure

Kuusamo Professor-3 oscillating lureA twelve-gram spinner, 75 mm long, weighing 12 g, with a pendant double equipped with non-clutching metal antennae. Most of the lures of this series are made of fairly thin metal (diameter 0.2–0.25 mm). When wiring, they “scour” in different directions and require the lowest speed of winding the fishing line, which does not always please the angler. All Kuusamo spinners have significant frontal resistance, and successful fishing, in fact, depends on the correct mode of posting, that is, it slightly increased the speed of the line and the spinner will randomly clog in the stopper or lose the game altogether.

As a rule, Professor baits themselves will tell the angler what speed the coil needs to be twisted. This can be judged by the steady uniform vibration of the rod and, possibly, by the number of bites. Professor-Z, unlike its earlier models, is a multifunctional and easy-to-operate spinner. With the slightest acceleration, it easily comes to the surface, fully preserving all the advantages of the game. Spoon-bait easily overcomes chalky, heavily overgrown sections of the reservoir, grassy islands extending to the surface, lying at the bottom of stumps and driftwood.

And with a decrease in the rate of posting, it again falls to a predetermined fishing horizon. Moreover, due to the fact that the spinner is an outspoken slow-moving, the spinning player receives more “pluses” than “minuses”. The spinner moves very naturally and, at a low speed, is in the fishing zone for a rather long time. Kuusamo spinners are rarely forged, including due to the fact that many anglers simply have not grown to the level of their game, and therefore the demand for them in Europe is limited.

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