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Bait for tench

Bait for tenchIf in small eriks of the Lower Volga the tench can be caught without bait, then in other reservoirs it is obligatory. Like any other cyprinid fish, tench is usually attracted to the place of fishing with plant and animal feed. However, in Lithuania I knew several rather deep lakes, where in summer the local lines did not react at all to purely plant bait.

When choosing the composition of bait, you must first take into account the fact that this fish in one place or another does not live in splendid isolation. In small places (and this, as a rule, plots with a depth of 1.5-2.0 m, overgrown with reeds, reeds, water lilies and urut), a fish trifle is constantly spinning. It not only quickly destroys fine-grained food, but also eats up nozzles intended for tench. Therefore, the most famous way of feeding is scattering washed cottage cheese at the place of fishing, to which most cyprinids do not respond.

In reservoirs where there is a lot of tench, the classic folk bait works fine, which includes boiled millet (base), bread crumbs, fresh hemp cake (can be replaced with slightly toasted ground hemp grains). As components of animal origin, chopped worms, bloodworms, maggot are introduced into the mixture.

Considering that tench is mainly caught in shallow places, where the current is weak or absent, the bait should be friable (unless it drops in the evening, and fishing starts early in the morning). In such a situation, so that other fish do not quickly eat the food, they have to mix it with clay and sculpt denser balls.

author: Kazantsev V.
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