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Attractive noise. Part 2

Attractive noise. Part 2Scientific and technological progress does not stand still, and science has presented fishermen with plastic baits. Inside the plastic wobblers, they began to place balls (in the resonator chamber – the equivalent of the oscillatory circuit), which create additional sound waves. In the production of these wobblers, the most modern technologies are used and multiple tests and tests are carried out in order to achieve the maximum effect of attracting fish. My personal opinion: if a wobbler is expensive, it means that enough time and money has been spent on its creation, testing and improvement, and its capabilities are really appreciated highly. Intense sound vibrations occur during twitching (jerking wiring of minnow wobblers). During such postings, the bait simulates a wounded yawing small fish. This technique works, attracts the predator with intense sound waves and provokes an attack.

For a long time I ranked minnow wobblers as mediocre spinning lures, until I switched to the jerking technique of their wiring. When fishing pikes and perch on minnow, twitching gives a much better result than uniform wiring. Therefore, differences in technology should not be considered at the level of “uniform wiring or intermittent”, but under the initial assumption that the wiring is uneven and jerky. Variations relate to such things as the intensity of pulls, the duration of pauses between them, etc. Sometimes differences of this kind noticeably affect the result. If, however, we talk about situations where twitching is undesirable, then this applies more to fishing in a significant course of fish such as chub, trout or ide. Here, the mines are conducted evenly, sometimes with stops, during which the wobbler plays on the jet.

Sufficiently powerful sound vibrations can be obtained with jerking (fishing on Jerk and stickbaits). Jerk differs from ordinary wobblers in that only a fisherman can make him play. Outwardly, jerks and stickbaits differ from the usual wobblers by the absence of a front blade. To give the jerk a seductive game after casting, they begin to slowly pull it up, accompanying the jerks of the rod with an amplitude of 0.5-0.7 m in jerks. With this wiring, the jerk makes yaw from side to side with an amplitude of up to 0.5 m. Jerk with the tip of the rod accelerates the movement of the jerk in a short section, after which it again stops.

The name Jerk (Jerk Bait) comes from the wiring technique. Posting at a constant speed is most often not interested in fish. Jerk's intense irregular vibrations, reminiscent of the movement of a large, sick fish, attract fish. These lures allow you to quickly catch large areas of the water area. You can use them both in clear and muddy water. On these wobblers you can catch a whole season, except with the exception of winter. When the water temperature is less than 15 degrees, it is worth using wobblers with low buoyancy and leading them in short jerks with long pauses. In warmer water, wobblers with great buoyancy performed better when posting them in fast jerks with pauses

The most powerful sound vibrations are created with competent wiring popper, which will spread to a distance of 30-50 meters. The best among them from a noise point of view can be considered Exalibur РОР'n'IMAGE, Rapala Skitter Рор-9 and Mag Popper Yo-Zuri. After casting, a properly designed popper should be positioned vertically (perpendicular to the surface of the water). When jerking, it should capture a large bubble of air and dive under the water. The air bubble should burst with a sound close to the sound of a catfish quock.

Fast, lively splashing wiring is commonly used during daylight summer fishing, which should mimic the signals emitted by attacked and panicked feed fish. When predators hear how their competitors feed, they will certainly want to join the common feast. This technique works when catching perch and asp. Like other surface lures, poppers often work great in low light when the sky is covered with dense clouds. But this does not always happen. There are no irreparable errors in catching poppers, it’s just that sometimes some wiring methods work better than others.

In the surface water layer, the attenuation of acoustic waves increases significantly due to the content of inhomogeneities (air bubbles, microorganisms, etc.). This attenuation will be the higher, the muddy the water. In this case, the propagation range of medium-intensity waves decreases several times. Using a water source of acoustic radiation and a receiver with two spaced sensors (antennas) at a distance of 10 cm, we can simulate the process of detecting an audio signal and assume that the pike can determine the direction to the source of the acoustic wave on average with an accuracy of several degrees. And this accuracy will be the higher, the more powerful the signal and the higher its frequency.

Perhaps in the near future, a person will be able to comprehend all the mysteries of nature, including representatives of the underwater world, but for now we have to be content with established facts and assumptions. And how deeply we would not know the habits of fish, all the same, there remain factors (atmospheric pressure, moon phases, etc.), on which we, fishermen are so little dependent, and the nibble of the fish depends so much. Many accuse me of breaking up my fishing secrets so easily – But I do it consciously. Firstly, there are no secrets in fishing – there are far from all known fishing features. Secondly, I’m ready to tell you absolutely everything that I know and what I’ve come to, in order to captivate with sport fishing, so that anglers enjoy this kind of fishing and stop arranging nets and destroy fish with electroshock means, And who, if not for us, to create fishing culture?

author Konstantin VASYUTA

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