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Animation “Pinocchio”

Animation In the last ten years, fishing with wobblers in our country has experienced a real boom. Wobblers are discussed on a fishing trip, they are hotly debated in forums, they are collected, presented for birthdays and other holidays. My box has already accumulated an order of such gifts from friends and relatives, even those far from fishing. By a strange coincidence, most of these “gift horses” were found to be floating. At best, the names of their manufacturers did not tell me anything, at worst they were somewhat alarming. One way or another, these wobblers did not evoke any special positive emotions in me and rested peacefully at the bottom of my fishing box. This continued until this autumn, when, after another discharge of water, numerous snags were stranded along the channels of small rivers of the Rybinsk reservoir basin. Flocks of shallow paths, perch and ruff gathered in the snags, and, naturally, pike and perch came to fatten there.

On one of the recent spinning fishing in such a strong place, I lost three very catchy famous wobblers on the hooks at once. It was a pity for them, for these expensive baits, but I considered it the height of madness to climb into the October water and carry out a rescue operation – health is more important. I prepared for the next fishing trip more thoroughly: I scratched the bottom of the barrel and pulled out my dubious wobblers from secluded places. None of these lures inspired confidence: all without exception, with uniform guidance, fell to one side, some just jumped out of the water when pulling with a rod, others could not be driven under the water by any tricks, they just glided over the surface.

Armed in this way, he rode out onto the river. The depth at the fishing spot was just over a meter. I chose a gray, unintelligible “Rapal Chinese”, who at least a little met the parameters of a correct wobbler, and began to cast into the snag. At first, I could not overcome the sail of this wobbler and I did not hit the target in any way. When, at last, the wobbler fell between two temptingly sticking branches, there was an instant splash, and a small pike was on the hook. I mentally set the “Chinese” test and changed it to an unknown outbred “redhead”. When he splashed down in the right place, everything repeated. In general, there is nothing surprising in this, I thought.

The pike stands ready to throw. The bait gets almost under her nose. The fish simply has no time to disassemble whether it is a “firm” or a fake. Out of curiosity, I changed the plug again. This time no one reacted to the splashdown of the bait. Made a smooth stretch. The wobbler stirred and disappeared under the water. It took about five seconds when he surfaced. I stood, going over the possible postings in my memory and could not decide in any way whether to try tweeting, or stop at even posting. The situation resolved itself. An expressive “Chawk!” – and on the spinning rod a worthy red-finned stripe was hammered. I repeated the cast. A jerk with a rod, the bait gurgled and this time it instantly appeared on the surface, almost not going deep. He began to wait. For ten seconds the wobbler lay calmly on the surface, then again “Chawk!” – and another perch gave me the pleasure of playing. The next two wobblers after the first postings from floating turned into sinking ones, and I hooked them on the driftwood. One was still saved: the tee was unbent. But, of course, at the same time I made a lot of noise, and the fish most likely lurked.

I decided to change the place and moved to a quieter shallow area. The depth here barely exceeded forty centimeters. I hooked a plastic wobbler “Black Mouse”, obviously, according to the creator’s mind, intended for catching Siberian taimen. In the “resting state” the wobbler occupied an almost vertical position, head down, so that its rear part, together with the imitation of the tail, defiantly protruded from the water, like a float. I wonder what the taimen would think if they were found in our Vologda rivers? “Mouse” had an impressive weight and made a loud slap when splashdown. Made a stretch. The bait instantly dived and immediately collected a bunch of rotten aquatic vegetation from the bottom. Having cleared the tees, I persistently threw the “taimen” bait again near the snags. After waiting for it to take its very dubious “catchy” vertical position, I pulled up the bait with one turn of the reel. A shadow separated from the driftwood, and a fish headed for the bait – small waves spread out from it. I froze. A minute of anxious waiting passed. There was no bite, and I decided to barely move the bait again. And then a powerful jerk followed, after which a pike of about a kilogram was safely removed from the water.

Since I was sensational again, I decided to return to the initial place of fishing, where it is deeper. It’s time for my biggest and most awkward “Buratina”. After casting, he immediately lay down on one side and when reeling “worked” exclusively on the surface. In addition to its size, it was also distinguished by the presence of thundering balls. Do I need to say after all the above that I managed to lure a few more pikes out of the snags with the help of jerk wiring with long pauses on this wobbler! After that fishing I fished several times exclusively with “mongrel” wobblers. Of course, some were lost to dead holds. But each of those who did not immediately go into the category of drowning, seduced at least one pike or perch.

Obviously, in the autumn zhor in shallow places, the wobbler itself is not so much important as its presentation and more or less thoughtful animation. So if you have such disrespectful baits lying around, do not rush to forget about them. Perhaps, when fishing in steep snags, where hooks are inevitable, they will be just in place. At current prices for a “firm”, this can be very relevant.


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