Late for bream.

When the distribution goes, we must break instantly! Otherwise, the phrase "bite yesterday and tomorrow" will be your credo.

But even in such situations, there is a way out of besklevyya.

I sit in the evening stuck in the phone. Hunting for fishing … Something friends have gone somewhere else, the reports are empty. Where to go?

They don’t bite there, too …

And if I do not drive on the Neva with the feeder?

It is not far to go, there is a fish for sure, but if it doesn’t peck, I feed it with a delicious bait.

I have just two packs of "Subssekiki" for a river that is idle. All decided food on the Neva! Alarm at 3:00. Bye for now, get there, by 5:00 I will definitely be there. In theory, at the very peak I will be near the water.

Came to the place. Beauty. The weather is just a miracle!

The people, however, are already sitting, catching. Laid out his gear and decided to walk along the shore to ask, what yes how …

The first fisherman in the cage was empty, he also recently arrived.

But when I came to the second, it was something incredible. I haven't seen bream of such size for a long time.

Rumps from 1.5 to 3 kilos, and it all pecked at night. And now it's too late. Already a few hours without biting. Sadness …

Like, and encouraged, and then bummer.

Well, maybe now go!

I mixed the bait, added corn to it. While insisting, look for a curb.

Before me, of course, urban views, buildings, pipes, etc. From nature, only water and seagulls. In any case, better than sitting at home.

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The farthest point is now the most promising. Soon the day comes, and all the fish will roll into the depths, and here everything is covered for her.

Of course, at such a distance it is not necessary to speak about accuracy. Although I already managed to competently feed the point at such a distance. It is not easy, of course …

I sit, relax. Do not bite.

I'm already fishing, and that's good! Here one fiderist pulls out fish. Normal bream.

What is silent for me?

It takes 10 minutes, he will get one more.

I'm starting to get nervous.

I see that the fish has gone, but my feeders are silent …

I do not think that it is a bait. It turned out very appetizing. But the fact is!

Do not bite.

When I came to the point, I saw enough of the neighbors fat bream! And put the appropriate leashes with hooks. I did not take into account that at night the fish is not so picky in this regard, and they bite regardless of the thickness of the leash.

Sharply rearranging the leashes. I decided to take a chance and tied a 60cm leash on a 0.125mm fishing line from Shimano. Well, and, of course, connected to my favorite feeder hooks Mystic Match 7019 # 12 from VMC.

If she bites, she won't have a chance.

First, the neighbor went into battle. Now far.

While I was dressing the second feeder. On the first bite immediately. Giving a leash. I wasted the near feeder. There is!!!

Plotvichka tempted my nozzle.

Now I will throw the first one far. Zaaabros. Feeding trough flew away.

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Stuck in the clip, and to the bottom. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 dropped. Chose slack. Strained the quiver.

I hammer the feeder neighbor. Zaabros. I look, distant pulls. Yes OK!!! I to him. Raise the rod up. Yes, it is! Good!!! Clutch weakened just in case.

Gave heat this river dweller. I wanted to leave the reed by the shore.

Go to the landing net! There is!

I look at the second quiver, he also jerks.

Catch lightly, pull out the bite. Well, at least not swallowed.

I feel it is necessary to collect one feeder, and then began to interfere. Accordingly, at the far bite bream, and at the near roach and perch. The choice is obvious. Far leave!

Another manger brought another Alyoshka in 15-20 minutes. And then another one with the same periodicity.

And from the neighbors no one else caught anything!

Apparently the bream came up, and the bait liked mine. And the people began to gather home.

Yes, my fish were a little smaller than the night ones. But, in the conditions of a besklevya, the result made replacement of the leash and hook!