Kola Peninsula. Unknown horizons. The first fishing of the season. Discover a new route.

Finally completed the video about our first major campaign of this year!

June 10-14, 2020. Discover a new route. 5 days in the forest !!! It was very cool! Thanks to the team, did not disappoint!

Downed and worn out legs, muscles shocked by the load, swollen fingers, the body is all bruised, and the face is sore from the scorching sun …

It’s even hard to say how much sweat came out of us this weekend … One thing is known, that a lot … Under the scorching sun, every movement was difficult …

Almost 70 km of hiking trail. Sometimes the speed of movement on land was only 1 km per hour … Swamps, hills, bumps … It was difficult to go … I did not want the forest to reveal all its wealth …

The third season I looked at this lake, but did not dare to go there … The path was too difficult and laborious … But this year I was firmly convinced that I would do it, no matter how hard it was …

In the end, we were rewarded!

A very good fish was caught on this expedition.

Enjoy watching friends!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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