Kibs Cunami EX Spoon Lure Review

Kibs Cunami EX Spoon Lure Review

I don’t remember why and where I bought this spinner. I came across it when one autumn we decided to devote fishing to pike. In the evening, I laid out everything from my fishing bag and began to put the baits there, which the pike should have liked in appearance. These are poppers, spinbates, and spinners with a soldered double and mustache wires, and light turntables, and the Rapal’s Minnow Spoon non-hook.

The pike will not pass by

There really was a pike in the lake, a lot, but it did not react to everything, as is customary to expect from it in late autumn. And then there was so much grass that fishing with a popper was a martyr’s flour. Literally two or three flip-flops – and a green algae garland hangs on it. But even if it was possible to hold the popper for a long time, the pike was in no hurry to rush at him. Other lures attracted the pike from afar – this could be seen from the floating “torpedoes” pushing a characteristic wave in front of them. Such lures were the rubber on the offset flyer and the KIBS spoon in question.

I don’t think I will reveal a secret if I say that attracting fish with bait and forcing them to rush at it are two different things! Very often pikes swam in one place, but I rarely felt the contact of the predator with the bait. And contact is good, but catching a fish with a lure with non-sticking qualities is damn hard. Now can you imagine what kind of fishing it was ?! You choose a virgin place, and from the first casts of rubber on an offset or KIBS spinners, pikes begin to float from all sides, like crocodiles. One out of five still attacks the bait, but is not detected the first time. Nevertheless, I mentally raised KIBS for its peculiar catchiness above other lures that live in my fishing box. I gave her the status of a scout. It is clear that the pike simply cannot ignore this spoon in the fall in the grassy lakes of the Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain.

Pecked in the fall. And in the spring?

Winter has passed. It is clear that we were jealously tormented in conjectures: did this lake burn down or not? Does the pike still live there? Since the nearest ferry across Akhtuba in that area has not worked for a year and a half, and all known crossings through deep eriks have fallen into disrepair, we made our way to the cherished lake, winding along the floodplain and recording an intricate track on the navigator. Naturally, we tried to fish in the passing lakes that we liked. We tried it on turntables and wobblers. On one of the lakes I remembered about my “autumn scout”. Imagine my surprise when, in a place where I had not felt a single poke before – neither on the Mepps No. 2 spinner, nor on the twitching wobbler – a 20 cm pike clung to KIBS. I let it go, mentally giving a pendel, but then I did not take off this spoon. I decided to check its properties more thoroughly. The fish reacted to it, this is a fact, and by bending more or less protective whiskers, one could try to increase the detection of the bait as a whole.

Scout check

We arrived at the cherished lake by noon. During this time, a sickly wind rose. My left boot was leaking in the area of ​​my knee, but I resigned myself to a wet toe for the whole day and crossed in a narrow place of the lake to the leeward side. Literally from the second cast, the pike went down by 2.8 kg! She sat down clearly, with a blow and was hooked tightly. While I was taking the spoon out of my mouth, I bent all the metal mustache completely. Well, I think that’s all. Now break off in FIG. Not! I straightened them easily and continued to catch them. I didn’t use poppers this day because of the wind. So I caught the whole day on the KIBS vibrator. My friend could boast of only one pike – against my five. Of course, it was possible to experiment with different baits due to the fact that the grass was much less than in the fall. True, the green filamentous algae, which I constantly removed from the spoon, interfered strongly.

The wiring was carried out the most ordinary. Smoothly twisted the coil and that’s it. The spoon itself glided past the grass, and sometimes, clean, climbed onto the grass that floats on the surface, and again dived into the water. It should be noted that this time the pike took so eagerly that the spoon had to be picked out of the throat with the help of a yawner and a stretcher. That is, claims for poor detection of fish should be presented rather to a sluggish bite than to a spoon. The suspicion also firmly lodged in me that for the “cut-through” of non-hooks it is necessary to take a harder spinning rod. However, there will still be fishing ahead, and new observations of the efficiency of the spoon will make their own adjustments in a positive opinion about it.

“Tsunamik” enlisted in the arsenal

After this fishing, I set out to buy a couple more of these spinners and began to look with passion for them on the shelves of fishing shops. It was not easy, but I found it! KIBS is a trademark of Salmo. Spoons are of different types, but above it was exactly the one that you see in the photo. Now I know the exact name of the model – “Cunami”. The outer side is silver and the inner is closer to copper. I immediately bought several spinners of the Cunami shape and also took Cyclone and Thunder for testing. Of the colors I chose those with the outer, convex side of a silvery color, and the “convex” side – copper (reddish).

What else good can you say about the spoon? The name, country of origin “Lithuania” and weight in grams are clearly written on the inside. The bait that “shot” on my lake weighed 13 g. The hooks on them are from VMC No. 1, which corresponds to number 10 according to the national numbering of hooks, which means that they are allowed by the new rules. This is how I got a new lure for heavily overgrown toad trees in my arsenal. “Tsunamik” (as I called this Lithuanian “Cunami”) turned out to be both a “scout” and a “terminator”.


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