Kemerovo KMSniki shared their experience with the young generation!

Last weekend, the school in the village of Poperechnoye, Yurginsky District, hosted the first workshop in these parts for teenagers in winter fishing.

The master class in fishing from under the ice to the mormyshka was held by the president of the Kuzbass Fishing Federation, candidate for the master of fishing sports Alexey Shestakov and sales assistant and also CCM nickname of fishing sports Mikhail Becker, together with the fishing and forwarding movement RED All-Terrain Vehicle "In the person of me and thanks to the Kemerovo company" Fisherman ".

In addition to schoolchildren participating in the New Generation eco-volunteer squad, the head of the Poperechensky rural settlement V. Golovenko, teachers, along with the school principal I. Kreminskaya and rural amateur fishermen were invited to the seminar.

Guests of the event – Alexey and Mikhail are regular winners of regional fishing sport competitions. A little more than a week ago, Mikhail Becker achieved another success, becoming the silver medalist of the regional competitions for the Open Cup of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Golden Mormyshka. With full knowledge of their favorite business, the guests told the audience about their achievements, about the work of the Fishing Federation, with which each of them began to enjoy fishing, shared professional secrets, and taught how to properly prepare and use fishing equipment. They paid much attention to safety during their stay in water bodies, talked about how to use equipment and why. Separately, types of various nozzles and baits were considered. Then, specialized fishing rods for ice fishing, equipment for storing gear, equipment of an angler-athlete, etc. were demonstrated.

With great interest, the students listened to the story of the incidental cases that occurred with the guests during the fishing, and looked at the photo chronicle of the fishing competitions. And then, thanks to the atmosphere of trust and fishing community, the guys themselves told what kind of fish they especially like and what large specimens they once managed to catch.

Then, fishermen-athletes answered numerous questions of both young and experienced fishing enthusiasts. The guys were interested in absolutely everything – from “Where and what is the best way to fish?” To “What income does fishing bring?”. Concluding the dialogue, Alexey and Mikhail named the qualities that a fisherman should have – this is observation and patience, and also noted that the main thing in any fishing is a careful attitude to nature. The one whose questions the guests considered the most original got the fisherman’s cap. All the other participants of the event, the guests presented fishing rods for ice fishing for small and medium fish.

The guests were pleased with the activity and curiosity of the students, as well as their knowledge of the basics of fishing. Their main wish to the young fishermen was – “No tail, no scales!”.

On behalf of the eco-detachments, their leader G. Golovenko thanked Alexei Shestakov and Mikhail Becker for the invaluable fishing science, presented them with the talisman of the squad – “The Wise Owl”, and invited them to the next seminar, now practical, in order to consolidate the knowledge gained by young fishermen at the local pond and attract newcomers to their ranks. The event ended with a joint photo as a keepsake.

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