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On this day ordinary jig fishing was planned.

My partner and I were going to get the zander from the boat to the silicone baits.

Everything is as usual. Cargo 16-30 gr. Rubber 8-11 cm on doubles VMC, Brown, purple, green, pink … all the most delicious.

SpeedMaster 270H, with the test from 21 to 56 gr. Twin Power 4000PG.

The weather today allows you to move anywhere, the wind is not strong, there is no rain.

When we went out to the water, it turned out that there were a bunch of boats around.

For fishing, I counted more than 20 pieces.

We immediately decided to go to our points. Basically, these are local pits with sharp drops in depth and all sorts of irregularities.

The first pit was empty.

Moved a little further. The same picture. Only some small fish swim alone. Where did all the fish go?

In the distance are several boats. Let's go to them.

Come closer. On

the fishfinder monitor rolled several fish.

Zander? Let's try it.

Involuntarily overheard the fishermen from a nearby boat.

Doesn’t peck at anyone today, and not at all.

Well, what to despair? When everyone does not bite, it means that you need to move more and scout new points!

We circled decently. For 4 hours, just one bite, and that is not implemented.

Suddenly, I notice that a fisherman from one of the crews is drilling with fish. I tell my partner, look, pulls. So, there is fish, then the fish eats!

It's just that we are doing something wrong.

And let’s we move to our extreme points, away from the crowd we will find a parking for white fish and we will sort out the bait. If someone flocks a pack, then we will catch anyone.

We anchor and leave the crowd.

The wind died down, the weather is great.

We have come to a point. Below us is 7 meters of depth. We must find the fish.

We walk through the pit, look.

The fish did not show.

Suddenly the first fish appears, then the second, and after it hundreds. So we found her.

Becoming and experimenting!

I go through different baits. Silence…

Here Andrey hooks. There is!

The first zander on the blue rubber.

I perked up! He began to look for similar tires in his boxes.

Here I draw attention to the fact that a fish appeared on the screen of the echo sounder, right under the boat. Hmm … okay, maybe it will float away now …

He put on a silicone. I catch. The fish is still under the boat. Not shallow.

Then I remembered that I had with me an experimental spinner, for sheer fishing.

I did it just the other day and wanted to try it in practice.

In my opinion, this is her finest hour.

On a spinner I put a VMC tee with an external beard!

Such hooks are placed only on expensive eminent wobblers. The hook has one important feature. When the fish swallows the hook completely, then with an external beard, it is much easier to remove it from the mouth!

I lower the spoon to the bottom. Smooth wave. Spinner flies up about a meter. I lower the spinning. The cord is weakening. Spinner begins to plan from side to side, like a leaf falling from a tree. The second wave, a little faster. Spinner begins to crumble. I look at what is happening on the monitor. The fish that was under the boat disappeared somewhere. But, from the game of my Spinner, there are so many vibrations that the whole screen seems to be teeming with fish.

I stop the lure.

Fish disappear from the screen.

Swipe, and again the screen is filled with noise.

But sometimes, in the midst of interference, a shadow appears …

Fish or not?

Spinner works well, no whips.

I like.

Suddenly, I feel heavy.

What is it? As if Blesna had lashed out or stuck on grass. I start to exhaust, it is hard, but it does not twitch.

And then the fishing line weakens. At this moment, I understand that there was a fish that time, and I had to hook it. But it's' too late.

Out of frustration, I put on a jig and end with a sparkle.

A little time passes, and the fish appears again on the screen. Didn't I scare her?

I put a spoon. Watching my baubles moving on the screen. Here comes the lure fish. At the next toss, the cord seemed to hook on something in the boat. I looked at what the cord could catch on. Nothing…

It’s strange. Later I realized that it was a bite of zander. Just because of the length of the rod, you understand this bite differently than with a winter fishing rod.

I realized that if you felt the slightest change, you must instantly hook!

So in the boat was the first, for today, pike perch on a sheer spinner.

Then the second. Third.

Our activity was noticed from other boats. We began to slowly surround. Only the devil is useless.

Even my partner, who stubbornly continued to jig, didn’t catch anything else.

We shifted 50-60 meters.

I took two more zander on a sheer spinner.

A partner is nothing.

Apparently something bewitching was in the game of my spoon-bait, that zander only pecked at it. And ignored the bait of the rest of the fishermen. With the sunset, the biting stopped.

The results of the day without biting pleased me only. Seven zander, 4-5 gatherings. Blows, bites. It was great!

I think this is the result of all the crews taken together who sailed around our boat, or even better!

I really want to repeat it!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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