Jet fishing experience

Jet fishing experienceAs soon as the spawning ban ended, a real tropical heat came to the Middle Volga – up to 35 degrees in the shade! In such heat, practically no fishing is successful. Pike perch cannot be found under the shore, at least during daylight hours. Pike and perch bite only at dawn. Perch, however, should form flocks at this time, but in the Volga expanses, and we fish from the shore … The only way out remains – the chub. In general, the chub tolerates the heat calmly, and therefore it is caught stably. You just need to find him. The northern and central parts of Chuvashia are full of chub rivers. We drove on a medium-sized, fairly fast flowing river with a clear right and densely overgrown left bank. Chub, or partas in the local way, is common here, and we have some experience of catching it in this river.

At the place we have chosen, there is a roll and a current such that if you are not very confident, the flow can easily knock down. But we believed that it was not the stream itself that was more interesting, but the return flows and circular currents, where we should not only be chubs, but also asps, perches and even pikes. We got to the roll only by lunchtime. About an hour of casts in the return line and on the circular current did not give anything, although the chub and asp actively thrashed the fry, now and then splashing almost under their feet. The first fish was caught by accident: I decided to throw it into the stream and immediately got a sharp bite! Chub 400 grams became the first fish of the day. In a few hours, we caught 3-4 decent chubs. Two of us were fishing on turntables, and one on small chub wobblers. It was decided to devote the next trip to the selection of the optimal lure for jet fishing.

This time we were there by dawn. All three of them took the most promising places on the roll, from which they pecked well the last time. However, there was no bite – the chub splashed, but did not take it. Good conditions for finding the optimal bait. In the morning I made a bet on Yo-Zuri L-minnow 44. Inexpensive, but catching wobbler, which has recently been used in chub hits. He held on to the stream better than a turntable.

On the first day, two of us caught on a spinner and quite successfully, at least they caught no less than a wobbler. I caught with a turntable, making a cast perpendicular to the shore, the stream carried it in an arc, and the chubs attacked somewhere in the middle of the line. My comrade got up so that he could throw it downstream into the stream and, after reeling in, lead the bait to the main stream. Then he played the turntable in place, swinging back and forth with the tip of the spinning rod. The water flow turned on the petal, and the chubs attacked the turntable that was standing still, and, on average, larger ones were encountered.

But now, comparing various spinners and wobblers, I came to the conclusion that the latter are better suited for fishing in a strong current – they are not so tolerant. The whole chub stood in the stream and attacked the bait only in the fastest flowing zone. Turntables №№ 0 and 00 quickly carried out from here, and the larger ones kept better in the stream, but the chub did not want to react at all to large spoons. The Yo-Zuri L-minnow 44 held up better than any turntable, and was almost completely out of the bite zone. But the trouble was different: the game of the wobbler on such a stream is quite meager, and every now and then he tries to lie sideways. However, this chub was not very embarrassed, and the first bites on the second day I had it on him. Due to the weaker frontal resistance than that of the turntable, the L-minnow kept perfectly in the stream, so that about 70% of the wobbler’s wiring went where I wanted, and not where the current dictated.

Then ZipBaits Rigge came into play. The first casts of these heavily advertised models didn’t impress me at all. Shorty 35 was the first to go. The game showed sluggish and indistinct, but kept the stream, although every now and then he strove to throw it to the surface. The bite occurred on the “older brother” – on the 56th ridge. This wobbler confidently kept on the stream, and even more pecked on it than on the yu-zurik. The 70th ridge keeps the stream excellently, after splashing down at the first revolutions of the reel, it smacks into the water, munching like a popper, and at the same time quickly reaches the desired depth of wiring. So for the ability to hold the stream – a solid “five”. But a medium-sized chub was not interested in such a giant.

The next was the 42mm ZipBaits Craze. With this height, it has a weight of 6.5 g and flies quite far. After I quickly drove L-minnow and one of the ridges into the sinkers on the roll, the survivability of the crack surprised me very much – the wobbler is purely superficial. In calm water, I managed to drive him somewhere 25-30 cm, and on the stream the wobblers kept 15 centimeters from the surface, but thanks to the good vibration amplitude and high frequency of the game, he now and then lured chubs to the surface. On sections with an average flow rate, it is better to run it at a medium-fast pace, and on the main stream you have to accelerate, but this does not frighten the chub at all.

Having chased more or less suitable lures for the jet, I ran out of lures, for the sake of joke I put Jackal Bros Tiny Magalon. The compound on the jet is completely jammed and thrown to the surface – on the jet he is not a player. Then, however, the magalon distinguished himself in a lull, collecting several perches. The experiments with jet lures are not over yet. I have already picked up some interesting models in the store …


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