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ZETRIX HELL HOUND – "Hell Dog" broke loose.

Hello, dear fellow hobby. Not so long ago, surfing our favorite site with all of us, I saw the news about passing a test drive of spinning from the Mida company. I was very interested in the ZETRIX HELLHOUND HHS-792HH rod in the heavy jig class. I did not have experience of working with rods in this class, but I really wanted to try my hand at this issue. Will I be able to cope with such an uncompromising tool and keep the "Hell Dog" on a leash? I will try to describe the emotions and those feelings that a person experiences, the first time he took such a formidable weapon in his hand.

I remember now: I am going to the car, in my hand a case with spinning. Heart beats, the soul sings. Cover material is very high quality and pleasant to the touch. One immediately feels that people have worked on this and paid attention to this aspect, and not just wrapped the spinning in a piece of cloth just to be. The case is made of thick fabric and stitched with red stitching along the edges, just like a sports car interior. The cover design is made in black and red style, which emphasizes the deliberately evil and serious nature of the product.

I remember on arrival home it was time to unpack this engineering marvel. First emotions: This gun here! Yes, with such a spear, you can safely come to my country club at the disco: no one local will do. Or go with him to the taiga to fight off bears and moose. Seriously! After the fittings and laitics, it was these thoughts that I visited. Very powerful stick. It inspires confidence and feels the reserve of power that lurks in this creation. But do not confuse power with gravity. To my amazement, the wand turned out to be quite light and visually elegant. That is, it does not feel like some kind of faceless rough cudgel. But quite the contrary, it is an elegant and sophisticated instrument, so to speak about the sticks of this category. Spinning is made in black and red color palette that sets a strict, sometimes even sporty style. Blank insanely beautiful. Cross-weaving carbon looks lively just insane, as they say expensive or rich. The stick has an exploded handle and a reel with a bottom nut. The distance between the forgrip and the lower part of the handle is unusually large, which allows you to take the rod with a wide grip and make powerful casts. The bottom nut is made of a transparent insert with the company's logo. By the way, I really liked the EVA material, which covers the entire handle. Very pleasant to the touch, well washed from the dirt and all the indispensable things there. In general, the design, appearance and quality of performance of this stick leave very positive emotions. All collected very high quality and with great attention to detail.

It is time to get out into the water and, during the time being, let it be for some lengthy fishing to draw some conclusions. The goal is not how much to fish, but more to understand what kind of animal it is and what it is eaten with. And so, let's start probably from the shore. Cord 0.23. I will make a reservation right away on a coil, I am not at all prepared for such scales in this regard, and I think a person who is morally prepared for such tasks will be puzzled by the acquisition of an appropriate katka. I used what I have. Started with 26-30 grams plus 4-inch silicone. Confident cast. The bottom is knocked as it should be. It feels declared fast speed. Go ahead. 36-40 grams is more interesting. Powerful cast. Great chuyka on a small tekhe. The bottom breaks through, you already feel more interesting the microrelief and other underwater artifacts. You can do the wiring with your eyes closed, the wand transmits the entire info very clearly and loudly. With unaccustomed very difficult to cope with such weights, it is necessary to adjust to casts. On the boat, I personally was much easier, because the need for long-distance casting was no longer necessary. For the experiment, weighed a stick to 60 grams plus 5 inches of vibrik. For me, this is outrageous weight, but the wand copes with the task with a bang. The question is whether you will find a place where to apply such weights. Above the rod to load already somehow the hand did not rise in the literal and figurative sense. In general, for me, the ideal balance was a combination of a load of 36-40 grams and silicone of 10-12 cm. In this configuration, without thinking about anything, I made a cast and, without discomfort, I did the wiring. Unfortunately, during the testing of a decent fish, I never saw. But on the other hand, he discovered for himself until the village an unexplored segment of fishing.

In general, I would like to summarize. This rod fully justifies its name. "Hell Dog" is a powerful, tough, strict, but, to the same measure, not sensitive and elegant tool for a real connoisseur of heavy jig. I described it from the point of view of a novice in this field and tried to describe my impressions of this spinning, as I saw it. Of course, there will be experts who will find even more advantages in it and will undoubtedly find a minus, but I see it that way. Below are the specifications. Thank you all for your attention, thanks to the site Fishinsib.ru and the Mida company for the opportunity to test the rod.


Length: ft / m7'9 "/2.36

Power: Heavy-Heavy

The number of knees-2

Lure test, grmax-70gr


Test on the line-PE1.2-3

Story (Action) -Fast

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