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zetrix budget spinning

The company MIDA in 2016 announces the launch of a new brand in the Russian fishing market. Under the ZETRIX trademark, high-quality fishing tackles developed by MIDA specialists for the Russian market will be presented. All ZETRIX products will be manufactured taking into account the needs of Russian fishermen, the specifics of domestic reservoirs and fishing methods. ZETRIX – not just regular gear produced under a new brand, but the quintessence of accumulated knowledge and vast experience of all previous MIDA developments! And this is more than 15 years of successful and fruitful work on creating gear, including in conjunction with such giants of the world fishing industry as MAJOR CRAFT, OLYMPIC (GRAPHITELEADER), SUNLINE and KEITECH. It is this experience that contributes to the creation of truly cool products manufactured under the ZETRIX trademark. The second, but no less important aspect, speaking in favor of ZETRIX, is the accession of all gear produced under this brand to professional fishing sport. Direct participation in the development and testing of ZETRIX products is carried out by MIDA specialists and experts – experienced fishers and experienced spinning players, as well as the strongest Russian Pro Anglers League athletes and the best fishermen of the year from different years according to the PAL version. It is the requirements of professional athletes that the MFA specialists are guided in the first place when creating gear. It is worth mentioning that all ZETRIX products undergo many serious tests with extreme loads before going into the series, in the harsh conditions of training and PAL tournaments. These circumstances make it possible to assert with confidence that the first fishing brand born in big sport appeared on the Russian market! The key criterion in the production of fishing tackle of the ZETRIX trademark is quality. And at the MIDA company they know what real quality is! Therefore, ZETRIX gear will be presented with the same high standards that MIDA used to see in Japanese giants. To provide increased control, all ZETRIX products will be checked and accepted directly at the factories by the Russian representative of the MIDA company before being sent to Russia!


Spinning has a length of 229, this length is convenient both when fishing from the shore, and from the boat. Story Extra-Fast and test rods 4-17 g. The tip is tubular, unpainted.


Weibo KLLTSG anti-lap rings, LTS insert, SIC equivalent. As well as the reel seat of the same brand.


The cover of this spinning is simple, restrained is nothing superfluous. It has two compartments divided along, it performs its function (spinning protection).


The design of this rod is strict, not a clumsy black color of the blanks and eva in combination with the golden lurex really liked. The reel seat is very comfortable in the hand, the spaced handle is made of EVA material.

The bat is made of eva with the zetrix logo.

There is no hooker for the bait. This is a small minus.

The walls of the form are average for the power reserve does not need much to be counted. At the junction of the form on the varnish, I notice a small crack.

All windings and rings are smooth, without excess varnish. There were not a single zahlestov.

Balance with a reel.

I set Daiwa exceler LT 2000d its weight is 185 g. I think that the ideal balance will be with a coil weighing 200-220 g.

Work with a jig.

On the bottoms, I used the sunline Small Game PE-HG 0.3 cord. In the absence of wind, 4-6 g is tracked along the tip of the rod. When working in the middle and upper test, an obvious knock in the hand is traced. The bites are all clearly transferred to the hand. The fishing rod has a small power reserve of about 2 g, no more. With a strong but not sharp abandon i.e. smooth you can overload up to 18 G + bait in the amount of 2-3 inches.

Leash accessories.

I am not a fan of such snap-ins, but I caught a carolina and a tap-off. I want to note a good flight range.


I almost did not catch wobblers, but as for me, the wand was not made for twitching large and porous wobblers. Personally, my opinion is that, in general, this is a rod for evenly wiring this type of bait. Although I do not rule out twitching. The most relevant wobbler size for this rod is 60-90mm.


Her element is iron, namely, hesitated. The choice in favor of this stick is more than justified. She shoots spinners weighing 6 grams very worthy, not to mention the oscillations in the weight of 15 grams, no longer set. This stick, when compared with others, clearly won in the cast.


Lips do not tear the perch, but the pike did not come down!


To summarize, I want to say that the shelf is covered by all my Wishlist And it is really universal. And buying this rod a beginner, he gets a budget, but a professional tool in his arsenal.


Thanks to Mida, FishingSib for the opportunity to test spinning. NNCH and great happiness.


At the time of writing, the price of spinning is 4600 rubles

Design 5

Build Quality 4.5

Versatility 5

Jig 4.5

Towing accessories 5

Twitching 4

Lure 5

Casting Range 5

Sensitivity 4.5

Price 5

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