Aug 16, 2019It's wonderful

Zadok a painter.

He pawed up a friend-lover to catch zander on live bait on an ob-made homemade tank for storing small bait. And then the poor fellow with the buckets pokes, then the live baiters will die, then they will jump out, and catching them with your hands in the bucket is still an undertaking. And in the cage, the living people, at least alive for 24 hours, will not die in running water, and the small cell will not slip out. it’s easier to take the cage with steamed turnips-raised the cage-water glass and now they’re ready. I threw it back into the water and they are like new. Another plus-you don’t need to carry a bucket with you-shook the cage off the water and crammed it under the car seat — practically no place takes up.

I did it in a couple of hours. I bent three rings from a stainless steel wire, sewed a cover from the nylon mesh at hand and sewed rings to this cover. The most crap is to sew all this household with a needle and nylon thread. The loop on the upper ring is made like a stranglehold – tightened and the loop contracted, there is no chance to jump out from the live bait, but the hand freely extends.

Not for the contest, just another homemade product.

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