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You catch all: catching nozzle – floating corn

Corn is one of the favorite delicacies of fish of the carp family. Today we will tell the recipe of one of the most effective and catchy baits called "floating corn"


To prepare a simple, but effective nozzle, we need:

Corn (it is better to take canned); Needle or awl; Foam ball;

Then inward we push a ball of a suitable size. It remains to put on our finished hook attachment and see the result.

Such a nozzle will be convenient to catch large individuals from the muddy bottom, the sinker will fall into the silt, and the corn will float on the surface of the bottom vegetation. Also, when the sinker falls to the bottom your float will stop moving due to the wind.

I begin to catch such a nozzle in mid-June, when the water of the reservoir is heated and large individuals of carp go down to the bottom.

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