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“Every day spent on fishing does not go at the expense of life” – this is what fishermen say, then we should live like this for 100 years, because those who love fishing often go to it. This is one of the great and pleasant hobbies that unites us. I decide to spend my day off, free of household chores, by the pond with a spinning rod, catch a fish and breathe fresh air. And the road along which I walked just let me breathe properly, walk about 800 meters along the muddy ground.

The spinning is assembled, Renzo 244 ML which allows you to work with weights from 8 to 22 grams and be sure of gear, the length is also good for casting, so I often use it for jigging both from the shore and from the boat.

The choice of bait was influenced by the fact that the pike is now "pot-bellied" with caviar and the perch is the same, therefore they will ignore the large bait, but something medium in size, so as not to go into micro-jig baits, should work. I chose a passive bait 80 mm long, in a natural dark color Satoshi 80.

Arriving at the perch place, there was a sharp shell edge, and the perch often inhabited here began to cast. He didn’t throw him far into the distance because often the predator attacked at the edge and on it. The striped one responded as it should, posting in single detonations with a pause of 2-3 seconds provoked an attack.

The perch the robber was eating the bait well, there were no tweaks or idle bites, if he took it he took it and the size was good. Apparently I got to his normal state when he is and he eats. But he did not stagnate and move on the spot, there is time and space available, you can walk around looking for a pike, only some perches come across.

Only at the very end of the lake where there is a sandy bottom and a smoother algae-covered brow was pike. Small but strong, and with a blow, she rushed to the bait.

This place was directly pleased with pike bites, although for a long time I had to carry out the bait in different directions, but it's worth it. And at the end of fishing with a powerful blow, the last one spotted today spotted a little more well-fed than others, and like everyone went back to give offspring, grow and gain weight. Fishing was really cool, and I went home happy.

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