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Will we take care? |

I will draw you, gentlemen fishermen, a terrible picture!

Damage to the brain and nervous system, impaired gastrointestinal tract function, hearing loss, joint pain, paralysis – all these are consequences of lead poisoning …

Disorders of the endocrine and reproductive systems, breast cancer in women, insufficient production of testosterone in men, infertility in adults and future problems with reproductive ability in children are the consequences of phthalate poisoning …

You ask: And where do we come from?

I answer: anglers from all over the world tear off and lose in the water tons and tons of silicone baits, tons of lead sinkers and tons of spinners from dirty alloys containing lead … And before you lose it (or just fasten it) you hold it in your hands and with these hands then they eat, rub their eyes, wipe their noses, finally …

Then you will probably object: Yes, this is a drop in the ocean! The harm from our gear is incomparably less than from all kinds of industrial enterprises, chemical industries, burned high-octane gasoline, plastic pipes, children’s plastic toys, cosmetics, paints, etc., etc.

I agree with this, but I remind you that all these nasty things fall into water, soil, air, food and accumulate, accumulate … Accumulate in the body and are not excreted!

It turns out that both animals and fish slowly accumulate in themselves not only useful, but also harmful, and the longer the predator lives, the more it accumulates in itself what is not needed, devouring others. And when he dies, he will be eaten by the small inhabitants, whom he ate at one time … And they, already fed by a good dose of poison, will eat … And So Until When ??? Who knows when it will be “too” ??

Humanity is suffering from these environmental problems. Something decides big, something small … Let it be small!

Banned in many countries of the world lead shot. They shouted, made noise, proved that it was stupidity. But banned. And nothing, used to! From this, the fish birds became a little healthier. Let only a little, but steel …

And fishing jig heads cover with special paints … Also, probably, a drop of benefit will bring?

Changing, changing the world …

The French from SAKURA make their spinners out of grade 45 steel – this steel is high-carbon and does not contain lead at all.

The Germans from DAM on the packaging of their new spinners emphasize that they are made of lead-free zinc alloy. But zinc and lead are called an “inseparable pair” and to get a lead-free alloy, lead must also be removed from there …

The new DAM – EFFZETT silicones do not contain phthalates.

Sakura also came up with environmentally friendly SHADURA silicone baits that do not contain phthalates and Bisphenol A, they can be 100% recycled and absolutely neutral to the environment.

Harmless baits without phthalates are more expensive than their harmful brothers, pure spinners are more expensive than their dirty counterparts, but, as the heroes of one film say: If you want to live, you’re not getting so fuss …

Or not, we don’t care what ???

Your opinion!?

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