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TOP – 6 lures for catching zander. Seller rating.

Good day colleagues hobbies. As many people know, I have been working in the fishing sector for 5 years. For someone, the seller in the store is such an uncle (possibly with a beard) who definitely needs something:

– “vparit”

– sell more expensive

– sell stale goods

– ship a bunch of unnecessary

And a lot of interesting things I hear and see from time to time-) Just a month ago, I was accused of fraud in especially large amounts, but that’s another story ….. (everything is fine there).

Those who know me personally know that there are times when I simply discourage buying this or that product. Because at a given time, the consumer does not need it. (May the authorities forgive me) -)

I have a different approach, I have been in the field of trade for a very long time. I will not talk about various trainings, training. Everything is very simple, give the person what he needs at the moment. If he doesn’t know what he needs, chat, find out, share his experiences and observations, you can just drink coffee after spending time talking. Honesty, openness, flexibility – this is the key to success in our time.

I do not accidentally start my rating with these numbers. It just so happened that I talk a lot with fishermen. I think more than others in the NSC. Because it is not only a store, but also a group in VK, where I see the news first-) here glanders groups. I’m already silent about instu, youtube, face book. Yes, and I often go fishing, the weekend does not pass, so that I would not visit some kind of reservoir.

Back to the rating, I compiled it not only by sales figures, but also by general information on the above sources. So, let’s begin:

On the sixth line of my rating – “Any baubles”

Do not be surprised, I will explain. There are various types of buyers; collectors, less often beginners, are suitable in this section. For the first, who carry a few pounds of iron with them, it’s important and necessary to buy something that isn’t yet-) For the second, it’s just no difference. Like guys called, give me something. All the same, we will drink it. In these cases, little depends on the seller, you put a bunch on the window, the person chooses himself.

In fifth place – Balancers

Here is an interesting fact, there is a small percentage of fishermen who successfully catch pike perch on the OVH precisely on the balance. I will not go deep into brands, usually these are baits of 5-7 cm in size of blue and acid shades. There is still a small percentage who successfully catches on balancers on the Ob within the city limits. And by the way, not only pike perch but also pike, especially on the first ice. Of course, I won’t say any points of ZhPiES. For the river, these are heavier balancers from 20 grams, approximately like this:

In fourth place – “Replicas of the Japs”

We are talking about Baguette and Sheratan, the originals are certainly good and they catch successfully, but the price tags are not very humane. Therefore, many manufacturers make cheaper copies. Which by the way, the same is not badly caught. Lures weighing 26-32 grams are perfect for fishing at the top.

In third place is NEMO.

This vib gained well very wide popularity among fishermen of Novosibirsk. Last year, he would have taken first place, but he was beaten ….. A wide color gamut, price, availability in all stores of the city – these are its advantages. Well, yes, and he catches fish-)

In second place – “Killer and Sprat”

In this case, let’s go for a specific brand and models, these are Eco spinners about Killer in the back of 60, 70 mm and Sprat 70, 80 mm. The colors are blue, less often acid and classic.

Well, this year’s leader, so much so that these baubles ended at the manufacturer-)

The first place is the lure of Soudachya, codenamed “KL” and “Blue Pimple” sizes 60 and 70 mm. These baubles are unrivaled, they were really hunted when the rest in stores was at a minimum. And yes, I saw a lot of photos with zander, starting with TT, ending with treshki.

I repeat what I wrote at the beginning. This rating is made up of personal observations, communication, fishing. I will be glad to hear your opinion on this list. Share which of the TOP baits you have.

Release small zander, do not swear in the comments-). Good to all.

Sincerely, Sharapov Ivan.

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