Apr 17, 2020It's wonderful

The results of the winter season 2019-2020.

All fishermen have a good evening! While the off-season is on the street, and sorting through the photos of past days devoted to fishing of the past season of “hard water”, I decided to once again introduce you to the fishing moments.

Winter fishing started with a trip to Toguchinsky district to one of the nameless lakes. Although the fish was not large and pecked so hot, it was nice to get out on the first ice with a mormyshechka and catch a okushka. And the campaign of the comrades-in-arms crept up!

Later, he also fished in the water storage complex in different waters from the island of Tan-Van to Sharap, he was also at the Berdsky Gulf, and he also devoted time to the Ine River.

Inya River generally pleased with the catches, compared with our OVH. Yelets and gudgeon pecked regularly, and good specimens came across.

But the soul demanded something else, namely sea bass. Many trips were made to the Tan Van area, but the desired fish began to come across only closer to spring.

Good zander also interested me, but he was on the "drum", and to catch my initiative, he refused. Mostly pecking gnarled. but there were too few food.

Summing up the fishing at the OVH, we can say with confidence: "this is my worst season of all time."

Nevertheless, I will never give up fishing – this is one of the main meanings of my life, and is on a par with such concepts as "family" and "well-being of relatives and friends."

The winter season is closed, for my companions and colleagues in my hobby – thanks for being with me these six months. We look forward to the summer season, NKHN, health to you and your families!

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