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The choice of boat awning. My rake


The choice of boat awning is not as simple as it seems. Especially when you want to buy a really good awning and at the same time save. Often, the manufacturer offers not the most convenient and best option, and the quality of the material is questionable. Moreover, he asks for it is not entirely appropriate money.

Half the season has passed, as I own one product that I stumbled upon by accident on the advice of a friend, I will talk about it a little later. In the meantime, from the very beginning, my thorny let in choosing a tent.

Selection of parking / transport awning

When purchasing a new boat from the factory, studying the configurator and the options offered, I chose only the most necessary. Without which my fishing will not be comfortable, abandoning those things that I myself can later cheaper, it is better to pick up and retrofit the boat.

Thus, he refused janitors, oars, installing armchairs on crinolines and a bow platform, all kinds of small additional options and “other tinsel”. The parking awning was not included in my choice either. The stated price by the manufacturer of 18,000 rubles, seemed to me too high, and it is not clear what material it is made of.

The price of the kit was already indecent. The vile toad woke up, the family budget began to publish a nasty crack. So the stupid idea came to turn to our Chinese friends. For the first season, buy from them something similar to an awning, which, according to the plan, was supposed to serve me for at least one season, until the crack stops, and the toad cools down. And then calmly ask friends, search and choose something suitable for themselves from those manufacturers who are specially engaged in the manufacture of awnings.

Chinese awning

There was nowhere to go, the season was about to begin, there was enough spending to bring the kit to mind. Therefore, wellcome that Alieksperss. In addition, my wife is a needlewoman, I thought that if I change everything, she would drive me. It was even interesting.

The "People's" platform offered me a mega campaign "a piece of incomprehensible fabric" worth about 3000 r. According to the pics, it seems to come down, not much worse than from the factory catalog 🙂 and the price is fire! No specific sizes, detailed photos, or understanding that IT will fit my boat at all. The ad indicated three universal sizes. I chose a little stock option for 17-19 feet.

Awning arrived. Unpacked. It immediately became clear where the price came from. The material was only suitable for covering the vessel from dust in the garage. Pulled. Of course, it was different in the pictures)) But to my surprise, this “cap” somehow covered my ship. But for some reason he did not envisage any strings or extensions. I had to join my wife in a fight and sew on rubber bands with hooks – a convenient thing to say, it turned out.

“Ketayky awning”, of course, did not tightly fit the ship, on the move it nobly sail and developed like a pirate flag. But so far, even on the track, he somehow coped with his duties. There was even an imaginary confidence that he could last a whole season!

The awning, of course, is terrible, but the first months he served me faithfully. It caused constant uncertainty when driving on the highway, it was scary to move and think more than 70-80 km / h. With every gust of wind, the heart contracted in anticipation of the inevitable. But what did I want for 3,000 rubles?

But here's the trouble – summer has come, it is time for wonderful joy. The sun was beating mercilessly. I have a boat on the street, so it’s "tans constantly." Exposure to ultraviolet rays adversely affects any tissue.

Another fishing trip. Windy weather. And the long-awaited "vanity tyndins." The first gap was in the place where the feed bollard didn’t touch delicately and protruded slightly, creating tissue tension. Only 1.5 months passed, and then it became clear to me that he was not destined to survive this season. The wife applied a patch upon arrival, reinforced all the places where tension was created in the fabric – a frame of glass, knacks, other sharp parts, etc. With such amplifications, the tent traveled for another month. But even then it became clear that almost all of the fabric was spreading into fibers. Ultraviolet rays in three months completely killed her …

And one fine day, we curled up from fishing earlier than planned. The beginning to blow, a wave rose, the weather deteriorated sharply. For the "Ketai product" the last test has come. Barely gathered, pulling on an awning in a gusty wind left. Our road could lie in two ways – either by the Berdsk highway, or you could drive through the dam and immediately go to the left bank …

Understanding perfectly what was intended, I decided to put an end to our “friendship” with the Chinese product. Turned to the hydroelectric station. Blowed and whistled savory. Before reaching half the way through the dam, my Chinese friend turned into a torn pirate flag in an instant. Having exhaled with relief, I arrived home and began to look for a new tent, the season was only gaining momentum.

Choosing a new tent

I know several companies that manufacture various products for boats. In one of them, probably the most famous (let's call it “four four”), I have already ordered more than once on my past boats and glass, and a running tent. I decided to go right there, see the catalog, do they have on Realcraft.

To my surprise, my new model was already in their catalog, I was delighted, I was already rubbing my hands. It will not be necessary to soar your head for a long time.

But how I was upset when I saw that they did not offer any choice of fabric for the transport tent. Although, when choosing, let's say, on Obyahu, a running tent was a choice of more or less normal fabric.

At the sight of the proposed material – “Polyester with impregnation, China” I was shibanulo like lightning. A torn flag developed in front of my eyes – an awning from aliexpress. I think, well, no, enough for me to rake with Chinese "impregnated" fabrics. Continued the search. In addition, there were already opinions from friends who saw such a tent live – not the most successful option on the market, in their opinion.

He also looked in a couple of places. In one they did not even hear about my boat, in the other they lifted up the unrealistic price and the deadlines. Apparently, too, there were misunderstandings with the new model. It was already depressed, a week passed, and my boat gets wet in the rain in the parking lot. And then a friend, learning about my misfortune, advised me to look at the "On the Wave" tent. He bought an awning for PVC there last season and was pleased. Then I remembered that Sibiria, a well-known blogger, also uses such an awning.

Awning from "On the Wave"

I went to the site, immediately noticed that I got into some sort of seasonal promotion. I don’t know if it’s such a lure, or really lucky.

Awnings of their several fabric options were offered. Do not be a fool, chose the thickest 600 and reinforced (reinforced). It is called in a clever way – "RipStop Armo 600 Den rugged fabric with reinforced thread." There are no specific boat models on the site; they suggest leaving the bodies. Well left. Called back. It turned out that even a tent made on my boat is in stock. I was surprised, even asked several more times: "Do not salute, – Realcraft FishPro." They say yes, – Realcraft. The price was only 11 500 p. Let me remind you that at the factory they offered for 18,000 rubles from an incomprehensible fabric, and at "four four" for the same almost price, from an ordinary Chinese impregnated one, plus delivery.

For a long time I didn’t rassusolat, there were no other options on the horizon – I ordered right away in the very first tel. – “Yes, ok, I order.” He believed then that the fabric is really dense and good. In addition, production is located in Tomsk, as it turned out. Delivery was promised in 2 days.

Now I’ll tell you what I'm crazy about. Let it be even a small advertising company, really surprised.

Firstly, no prepayment, no passport data, no address, not even a phone was asked again. I was surprised how it is possible to work in the market this way, simply by telephone, after the words “Yes, I order”, already begin to produce awnings according to your “Wishlist”, moreover, a unique awning for a rather rare model.
Secondly – free delivery, time. I made a call on Friday. On Monday, I think, well, I need to call, to remind, they scored in any way. I called, I was surprised again – my tent has already left and should arrive at the pickup point, despite the fact that before that there were two days off. I tell the girl – “Uh, I thought that … I want to add another order. You so quickly sent something, you didn’t even specify my data ?! ”In general, the girl canceled the first order, took a new one with my personal“ Wishlist ”- cut-out for the engine, make vents in another place (a friend advised). After 3 days, I already received my new courier made tent, without any payment.
Thirdly, I will continue. The cloth. Really reinforcing, really tight. You can not compare with the Chinese cheap.
Fourthly, there were fears that my awning, which was still quite rare, could not be perfect. I understand sewing in batches of Progress or Kazanka – the hand is already full. My fears were in vain, everything was clearly adjusted to a centimeter along the crinolines, and the motor was covered with an awning, as in a house.
Fifth, I liked how the tent is mounted on the nose, to the winch. And on the sides for special triangles, distributing the load and preventing tearing.
Sixthly, I liked that the awning closes not only the boat itself from the mud, but also part of the side. Moreover, there are screeds around the perimeter that press the awning to the side and prevent blowing and windage.

As in any normal tent, there are vents.

The only thing I would improve is the system of tying the tent to the trailer. Ordinary ropes “on bows” are probably not the best option. I’m thinking of making rubber bands with hooks, like on the “Ketai tent”, but is this correct? They say that the tent should be well stretched, and with gum it will sail more. Advise, is it worth it or not?

I will not talk about some increased moisture resistance there. Perhaps this is the case, I did not check. Moisture rolls down on the awning, what else is needed? I am more concerned about the strength of the fabric, the reinforced fabric, and how many seasons it will last in conditions of harsh operation (in the open). So far I can say that the sensations are encouraging. There should be no problems in density and thanks to the reinforced thread.

Even in spite of the fact that I have reinforced bollards installed on my boat, which protrude a little and because of this, the tent does not quite clearly fit the boat, an additional bad tension is created – everything is smooth, the fabric holds. The glass frame at Realcraft, I tell you, is also very angular, with sharp edges. The Chinese tent began to tear on the coal after the first trip (it was immediately reinforced with leather), there is no hint of this on the new tent from “On the Wave”.

I hope you, having read this story to the end, will benefit from my experience. If someone wants to see this awning live, write to the PM.

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