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The 40 Commandments of the Ob Spinning Player


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1) The quality of fishing is more important than the number of fish caught. One or three, caught under some idea of ​​a fish, are more expensive than one or three bags caught standardly.

2) Fishing is not mathematics. There are always more exceptions in any rule. An exception to the fishing rule is a possible way to a new fishing system.

3) It is better to fish according to the system, but not on the tip of friends. The system includes the right time of the year, time of day, habitat, bait and method of feeding it.

4) Fishing patience is endless. It is longer than a fishing life. We are dying, our patience remains. Patience is necessary not only when waiting for a bite, but also when fishing a fish, and when fighting with a hook, and when preparing for fishing. Preparing for fishing can take more time than the process itself. This is normal.

5) Never believe someone you meet, check everything yourself. You will be in the same place at another time, you have other simulations and your own wiring arc.

6) The shortest road to the reservoir is either familiar or the widest. Do not doubt the crossroads.

7) Use the necessary gear and imitations, and not those to which you feel weak.

8) Use the shortest fishing rod and the lightest load of those that provide the necessary fishing conditions.

9) It is necessary to search and catch quickly, concentrating the spirit on a high-ringing string.

10) The best gear you are used to.

11) On the rivers of others, make friends with the locals. This is your first time here, and they live here and fish daily.

12) Someone else's experience is more expensive than their own. When you make one hole, a thousand people make a thousand. Listen to what they say.

13) Categoricality is a sign of a beginner. An experienced master always leaves room for someone else's opinion. He rarely argues with someone who has argued about everything before.

14) For any fishing version there should be a question “why?” and the answer to it.

15) All that a fisherman needs from the comfort of a boat is an awning from the rain and a thermos with tea.

16) If you forget the lake drinking water and repellent – there will be great discomfort and a terrible ending.

17) Going to serious business, it is better to forget your name than a hook.

18) Why catch crucian carp if there is a carp? Why perch if there is a pike? Why pike, if there is a taimen?

19) If the wind is more than 12 ms, and the temperature is below 20 degrees, then it makes sense to think about it and instead of fishing take time for the family. And ideally, by and large, fishing is necessary not when there is time, but when the necessary conditions for weather, water level and other lunar calendars are found. At such moments, everything falls out of hand, everything must be thrown and, like a zombie, go fishing!

20) From which side do not look, and spinning and fly fishing are the elite of the Ob fishing community. And if you (the piglet) have entered the elite, do not forget the words “honor” and “culture”.

21) Both from the boat and from the shore, the closer you stand to each other, the less you interfere with each other – the wiring angles are common. If there is a danger of crossing fishing lines, you just need to bring the tulips together – parallel lines do not intersect.

22) Who throws closer – stands above all with the stream. Who throws the farthest – the bottom.

23) If everyone bothers you, you're wrong.

24) Anchor on tiptoe, soft and close. Getting up close below another boat, lower the anchor along the midship (middle frame), from the opposite casting side. Do not be delicate, there is nothing worse than bad half measures.

25) Do not scream like a victim if you stood opposite you 50 meters or more. Search Ob casting – up to 40 m., And then the boat is adjusted to 10-15 m.

26) Never get into the crowd. Why bother people?

27) If your place is taken, take time for the holy search.

28) Take time to search, even if the fish is found and it must be abandoned. Do not stand like Eeyore, move. Take the river "under control" tomorrow will come in handy.

29) Observation of other fishermen is included in the general search system. Just take your time to get in there right away — it will come in handy the next day, the next year, with a repeat of the water level.

30) A person can act horribly. Birds (seagulls) and fish behave only naturally.

31) As far as the bends of the coasts differ, so do the tastes of pike in the lakes.

32) When selecting simulations between wild zhora and complete lack of fish there are microns.

33) Any imitation is still not a living baby and it should be 5 mm shorter than the prototype.

34) The first principle when imposing a snap is nothing more! Everything that can be discarded is excluded.

35) Catch the fish that you see – it does not matter, grayling splashed or crucian carp.

36) When leaving the boat ashore, it is imperative to hold the anchor in one hand, and anything in the other: at least a spinning rod, at least a banner!

37) On the Ob, whether you release the fish to your native element or take it home, you will always do the right thing. Fishing river.

38) Go around the tram (mare) in front, and fish surveillance in the back. There is some irreconcilable antagonism between people who are vitally interested in the well-being of nature (spinning, fly fishing) and people who are called upon, on duty, to protect nature. The gulf. The moral damage received by fishermen from fish surveillance (especially after the division of the coasts) is huge, as the Ob itself. Perhaps there is nobody to blame – life.

39) Fishing is not a show. Fishing is an intimate affair: you and the river.

40) Regardless, positive or negative, do not draw conclusions on one fishing trip. Do not do three. Three years is a minimum.

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