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Testing Norstream Spiker 2 822MMH

I got into the hands of spinning from the famous manufacturer of the company Norstream Spiker 2 822MMH. This model, following the name, has a jig direction, in which I tested it.

A series of high-quality Spiker II mid-range spinning rods, this is an updated series, and it is quite different from the first. What is so good about the updated series, and whether it will fall in love with our Russian fishermen.

Let's consider everything in detail. I studied a lot of information, read forums, looked at manufacturers annotations, before each spinning purchase, and my eyes fell on this series in the first performance, and I remembered about it as a light, ringing, with excellent long-range qualities, spinning with thin the walls of the form, having an average price category, this series was very popular. Many factors beyond our control have affected the price range of prices, and spinning rods, as it is not sad for us, have risen in price, making a significant leap to the top. Recently, according to my observations, the Norstream company began to use technologies in spinning rods making them more reliable, applying new technologies for itself, making spinning rods more and more durable, moving away from expensive hardware, to cheaper ones, but using the best possible prepreg and making excellent forms. So this, my tested model was subjected to the same generation. These spinning rods are made in China from a good Korean prepreg. In this model, the manufacturer called it GENESIS concept, the use of good graphites, and the form turned out to be very dense without the slightest air particles, which naturally affected the strength of the spinning rods. Spinning rods were made using Ultra Micro Pitching technology, which significantly increases their reliability. Komli rods are additionally reinforced with an X-shaped winding and a braided prepreg. A powerful comel not only provides a serious restraining resource, it significantly increases sensitivity and improves the balance of gear. It is very convenient, especially for beginners, that the manufacturer did by indicating the spinning test for jig spinning and twitch models, for each separately, indicating the specific weight to be used when jigging, namely the weight of the load, from and to, excluding bait.

Having such a powerful comel, spinning got a good informative tip. When using a fairly thin braided cord in the amount of 0.6 YGK G-soul X4 Upgrade, the spinning showed excellent tactile and visual qualities, combined with excellent casting. I could achieve the farthest casts in combination with a low-flying bait, equipping it with a jig rig, the casting really turned out outstanding. The top shows all the touches, clearly wins back, starting from 8g. Cheburashki, with a bait 7-9cm. and not in strong currents. I'm trying to bend the spinning, due to the hook.To work with heavier lures, I retrofitted the reel to a stronger cord of the same manufacturer, but already in the amount of 1.2. I must say right away that tactility has fallen, significantly, small weights can now be tracked only with the tip, and it can hardly cope with it, but starting from the middle of the test everything is fine, tactile and visual, at maximum weights for this spinning, and I put 24g. 4.4-inch cheburashka with a vibro-tail from LJ Minnow, spinning perfectly makes bait explosions, and it was in good flow. It’s not realistic to miss a bite both in the hand and on the tip, spinning for fishing works perfectly, does not drain fish, although a properly set friction clutch does its job. Using such a spinning rod, with its physical data, paired with a good cord, you can safely wait for the capture of the trophy, without fear that you will not be able to cope with it. I tried to catch them even in snags, making my way through bushes and thickets, but having such a length, I would still take this model for use in open areas, the length makes itself felt, and even smooth, soft casting is not convenient. Having such a spinning rod but in a shorter length, this is its element, small rivers, wobblers, short fishing, with a good margin of safety, an excellent throw.

Now let me summarize a little about this spinning. Purely for me it was very interesting to hold it in my hands, catch it with Spiker, the spinning turned out to be decent, it has a beautiful design, excellent physical data, for heavy fishing, they can safely go fishing at a long distance, with excellent casting, and at the same time, sensitivity him at a very high level. It starts to work from the very bottom test, but on a thin cord. It is this model of spinning that is suitable for fishing from the shore, and from a boat, in the open. There are a lot of competitors in this price category, but Spapiker can be a winner for us anglers due to excellent performance. Now a little about design.The cover is very worthy, the fabric is dense, has two separate compartments, Velcro is stitched evenly, all the inscriptions are perfectly applied, and look very good, the manufacturer has gone from a pleasant velvet cover, again in favor of practicality. The rear reel seat, screw, of course from Fugi, is very convenient, during the test never reminded of itself, and did not unwind. Assembled at height, with the addition of a green insert under the overall design of the spinning rod.The handle is spaced out of eva, pleasant to the touch, has a beautiful pronounced design, with aluminum inserts, and an information logo about the technologies used in this series. The manufacturer’s information label was removed from the end of the handle. For me, with my long arms and casting technique, the handle as a whole turned out to be very comfortable. The rings on the spinning rod are used by Seaguide with zirconia inserts; they are made and glued neatly, without smudges, and are placed evenly. Fugi rings were installed on the previous model. This is not the first time I've seen such rings, and I’ll say from myself that I haven’t paid any attention to fishing rings, whether they are titanium or plastic, it’s not so important for this model test and growth, and the price range, this is not an ultralight or a long light for fantastic casts. The tulip is anti-biting, placed neatly, the inner diameter of the rings and the tulip have a large diameter, which does not cease to please, like the whole spinning. In general, the spinning design turned out to be very pleasant and beautiful, all the inscriptions are clearly and evenly drawn.

The presence of the Hook Keepera is convenient for someone, but I'm used to it without it. . The balance with the coil, here it is not worth fading on the weight and model of the coil, in my case I used with the Shimano 17 Twin Power Xd C3000XG coil, with a weight of 235g. the balance turned out to be slightly shifted, so you can safely set 280-300 gr. . Thanks to everyone who read, my small review. The tested model.

Spinning Rod Norstream Spiker 2 822MMH


Weight (gr) 145

Length (cm) 248

Build Regular-Fast

Fishing line test (lbs) 8-16

Test (gr) 10 – 28 g

Number of knees 2

Description of Norstream Spiker 2

A series of high quality mid-range spinning rods. Here we moved a little from the general course to specializing each series of spinning rods, adding to the four purely jig models three jig-twitching wagons designed by the numerous requests of our anglers.

Spinning rods are made using Ultra Micro Pitching technology, which significantly increases their reliability. Komli rods are additionally reinforced with an X-shaped winding and a braided prepreg. A powerful comel not only provides a serious restraining resource, it significantly increases sensitivity and improves the balance of gear.

Like the first "Spikers", the new items are distinguished by a stylish recognizable design. The test of the Spiker II series jig models is indicated by the weight of the applied cargo (excluding the bait), for jig-twitching station wagons we decided to specify two tests – the usual one, according to the recommended mass of baits, and the twitching one, according to the mass of wobblers that can be normally animated by one or another fishing rod . Spiker II fishing rod blanks are made from a combination of Korean high-modulus carbon fiber reinforced plastic, featuring Seaguide rings with zirconia inserts, convenient EVA handles and robust screw reel holders.

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