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Team Dragon FD Z 3000 reel – view from the inside.

The Team Dragon FD Z 3000 reel was represented by the online store DRAGON in the person of the representative Vadim Ivshin.

When setting goals and objectives, the following requirements were imposed on the coil: large river, current, depths up to 6–8 m, jig up to 28–35 g. , scheme, cover, adjusting washers, everything is standard.


There is nothing to say "the suit has sat down." The color solutions, perforation, inscriptions give a feeling of a stylish product. Someone will say "this is not important", I will not agree!

The first turnovers …

Yes! It is brutal! What I wanted. The move is soft, with a little noticeable resistance (not rolled out), the knocked mechanism is felt, there is no feeling of laxity. Stop !? Easy "knock-off" – here it is not adjusted, knob clearance (will be eliminated).

Check the backlash of the main pair, rotor, spools, handles, everything is normal! Rotate the spool- "freak" works softly. I lay back the arc of the forest paver — the operation is clear, but “loud”, I screech than “thicker”, I don't like “shots” in the night.

Winding the spool, I arranged for a solid four.

The general conclusion: collected well, tight.

What's inside?

Probably the main question of any Toshney

the reset mechanism of the LU's sweetheart is spread over the rotor's shoulders, simple and reliable
LU roller of yellow metal — rotates easily (nitride or not, did not understand)
standard friction clutch, has three carbon washers, declared 11 kg
HEG main steam, milled-clean
parasitic gear "planted" on the NW, has an adjusting washer
Pignon rotates on a plastic sleeve (I would like to NB)
backswitch – I like it, large. Someone will say an archaic solution, but simply and securely!

Summing up

The coil is simple, not overloaded with a mass of unnecessary parts, all components are worked out, reliable.

For fans of "upgrades" – there is nothing to do there. The coil is ideal for medium and medium weight jig. On the light and medium feeder will also be appropriate.

The main tests of course will be on the water, at the end of the season it will be possible to talk about the quality and endurance of this device!

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