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Tackle for heavy jig selection and recommendations

Serious fishing, heavy jig, entails when choosing a gear for heavy jig

Increased loads make tackle work wearily with a constant risk of breakage from a banal overload.

Especially thoroughly, you need to go to the choice of spinning rods.

Heavy jig fishing involves the step wiring of heavy lures, often at great distances and depths. It is extremely important to feel the bait fall to the bottom, just as you should not lose contact with the bait.

That is, the first feature of jig spinning is sensitivity.

Here is a bit simpler than in the selection of "light" gear. With significant weights and sensory rod will be sufficient.

The best accessories for the manufacture of heavy jig gear, designed worldwide by Fuji.

chic very reliable rings and reel holders.

In addition to sensitivity, attention should be paid to the structure of the form.

It is customary to divide the build into four types according to the dynamic bend of the rod.

Very Fast (EXTRA FAST. EF)

Fast (FAST / F)

Medium (MODERATE. M)

Slow (SLOW. S)

Without conditional tackles for heavy jig, as in any other way for any jig, the rod cone system (EXTRA FAST and FAST) which has a different name in fishing slang – “evil stick” will be better suited.

Range and accuracy depend on the system, sensitivity when biting, and it’s important that the hooking efficiency is important.

A good rod will allow you to successfully not only reliably hook the predator, but also to knit it with a dodge.

The test is a characteristic of the rod indicating the weight range of the lure for which the form is designed. The recommended bait weight test, indicated in grams, pounds (lb) or ounces (oz).

English measures and weights, when converted to our usual measurement system – 1 pound (lb) is equal to 454 grams, 1 ounce is approximately equal to 28 grams,


When choosing a spinning for heavy jig should pay attention to the weight of at least 20 grams. For example 20-56, "two fits". But it is desirable for riverbed fishing with heavy lures to choose spinning with the top dough over 100 grams.

The test indicated on the rods in grams, for example, 20-56 g means that the spinning is intended for throwing baits weighing from 20 to 56 g. If the weight is less than the minimum, then the sensitivity during wiring is not guaranteed. Excessive weight is exceeded – there is a probability of breakage of gear due to increased loads.

The test on the fishing line is desirable from 20 libres, libra (from Latin) lb – is a unit of measure for weight, equal to a pound, 1 pound is equal to 0.453 kg. 20 libras – about 10 kg.

This characteristic of the form is very relative and should not be taken literally. All indicated numbers are written approximately and depend on many factors.

I did not mention the length of the spinning, the acceptable length depends on where you are going to fish.

The length of the spinning, in meters (m) or feet and inches, which are designated respectively: "ft" or "` "- feet, and" "" – inches. 1 foot is about 30.5 cm, and 1 inch is 2.54 cm.

For example, marking 8’6 ″ is equal to 2.59 m.

From the shore an acceptable length of 2.7 meters. From the boat it is comfortable to catch with shorter spinning. The choice is yours.

When choosing tackles for heavy jig, it is advisable to give preference to eminent brands.

I prefer the American spinnings, which in my opinion, although “sharpened” under the catch of steelhead salmon, but again, purely my opinion is the most suitable for jigging.

They can rightly boast specifications and power reserves. Famous American brands: Lamiglas. Talon. St. Croix. G. Loomis

Japanese leading manufacturers are constantly inventing new production technologies, new materials. From the Japanese brands should pay attention to: Graphite leader. Maior Craft. Daiko

Koreans tend to replicate Japanese and American spinning rods. Modern materials and technology, build quality and price is an advantage of Koreans.

Such as Black Hole. Aiko Maximus and of course Banax


Choosing a coil in heavy jig is very important. Believe from her. very much depends.

The coil for heavy jig must withstand enormous loads, have a durable mechanism and a metal body. There are few such coils.

The optimal size of the spool is 4000 -5000 according to the Shimano classification.

I find a suitable, super reliable reel – Shimano Twin Power 4000-5000 PG or HG.

Ideal for me of course Stella.

I use multipliers only for trolling and for pike fishing on jerks.


Cord in the old fashioned Power Pro with a diameter of 0.28 with a declared breaking load up to 20 kg.

Lead steel nichrome with a diameter of 0.5 mm. length not less than 30-40 cm


I use large silicone from 4.5 to 7 inches.

Silicone I mount both on a jig head with an additional tee and on a hinge tooling load + double or offset hook.

In custody

Heavy jig is an active way of fishing. The result depends on the kilometers wound on the propeller, on the number of permutations and castings made.

Animation, selection of casting positions, search for anomalous bottom areas.

Heavy jig is best to "break through" the reservoir and learn about the smallest details. Paired with an echo sounder will give you a wealth of useful information.

It remains to be patient and the trophy will be on your hook.

My trophies.

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