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Review of winter line Intech Ice Khaki

The variety of woods from various fishing companies, both winter and summer, is difficult to even calculate. The amateur angler has to rely on the experts of the fishing shop sellers. The seller is not always a practicing fisherman, often just a seller, and his premium, of course, depends on sales. Naturally, when choosing a beginner to a fisherman, he will first of all impose a more expensive product, of course this is not always the case, there are also real professionals in their field. The purchasing power is significantly reduced every year, and the leading position is occupied by the manufacturer that produces budget goods with decent technical characteristics. One of the manufacturers in this segment is the Intech brand. Today we will talk about a new winter line – Ice Khaki.

The line is produced in unwinding 50 and 30 meters, with a diameter of 0.08 to 0.223 millimeters. Quite a wide range of species fishing can be covered. Starting from fishing with the smallest jigs, and ending with fishing for large perch with balance weights and bersh. Breaking load from 0.6 kg. with a diameter of 0.08 and 4.3 kg. with a diameter of 0.223 mm. An interesting color scheme is chosen, it is available in two colors: red and green. For me this is very convenient, after catching the fishing line you can clearly see it in the snow, the chance of confusion is minimal. As for the influence of the line color on the fish bite, everything is still quite subjective.

Reviews: Intech Ice Khaki Winter Line Review

Reviews: Intech Ice Khaki Winter Line Review

One of the most frequently asked questions about lines is of course the actual breaking load, Ice Khaki is fine with that. Thanks to the quality materials used in the production and constant control at all stages. It is worth noting a new fluorocarbon coating, which increased abrasion resistance, and also protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Reviews: Intech Ice Khaki Winter Line Review

Let’s move on from theory to practice, I managed to quite closely test this line in perch fishing with a balancer, as well as in fishing with a bersh. As I said earlier, thanks to the color scheme, the fishing line is clearly visible in the snow, and after we take out the fish, it is convenient to rewind it, nothing gets tangled. This line has no memory at all, it does not spring like some. Excellent abrasion resistance, especially when fishing with bershovoy, I fished it over the edge of the hole, at the end of fishing the line did not cut or frayed.

Reviews: Intech Ice Khaki Winter Line Review

We managed to test the breaking load on a doublet from plump bersh specimens. When fishing for perch on a balancer, I pulled out a hefty piece of driftwood next to the reeds. The only thing that I have not yet had time to check is how the fishing line will behave, which has been on numerous fishing trips in the next season. So to speak, the test of time, well, that’s in the future. As a result, I want to say that Ice Khaki is a great product that you should definitely try!

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